Valencia: Paella, Horchata And Other Delicatessen

Valencian cuisine is based on the healthy Mediterranean diet, which draws the best natural products from the garden or the sea, such as seafood, fruits and vegetables and wine. All of it is a celebration of flavors and textures, and exquisite. But without a doubt, the star is the paella Valenciana, a true national symbol. Although many dishes and recipes, rice is the star of the menu. But the Valencian rice is much more than just a monotonous succession of paella, as it is prepared in countless ways. Many cooks claim that the original recipe of paella was made with chicken, snails and vegetables (the Valencian Paella) but there are many other ways to prepare with very different ingredients. The most common Paella Marinera may be made with seafood, fish, vegetables and saffron.

If you add all this chicken would be a Paella Mixta. Still, the paella life has diverged in many other dishes: ARRS negre " (Rice with squid ink), "ARRS fesols i amb naps" (rice with beans and turnip), "ARRS a banda" (rice with seafood), "ARRS amb Bled" (rice with spinach) or "ARRS al forn" (baked rice). It is worth special mention fideua, prepared like paella, but using noodles instead of rice and adding garlic. Besides rice, the Valencian cuisine has many other specialties as the "all-i-pebre d'eels (eel stew, garlic and pepper), the esgarrat" (roasted red pepper, salt cod and olive oil), the " suc de peix "(made from fish, olive oil, garlic, onion and parsley), and" titaina "(a recipe of vegetables, nuts, spices and tuna). Valencian Desserts are also varied and delicious, many of them inherited Moorish culture: the traditional pumpkin fritters with chocolate, "arnadi, made with canned pumpkin, yams and almond …

Other desserts are very much appreciated the" rosegons ", the" i talladetes arrop, or pasta made with extract of sweet potato or pumpkin. In addition, Valencia has the best oranges in the country, nationally famous and exported all over Spain. There are two typical drinks in the region: the horchata, a refreshing drink extracted from the plant of groundnut, and Agua de Valencia, a combination of champagne and orange juice. To make matters worse, can boast of its excellent selection of wines: red wine Requena, Utiel and Field and white wine Lliria Alto Turia and foothills areas is no doubt that Valencia is a great gastronomic capital. Discover what is cooked in its kitchens and rent to enjoy the best accommodation.

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