May 04

The Same

I swallowed inside when I heard the sum. He said some of gold and some milled from America and silver-tone metal. At the moment, as he told it to me, it sounded relatively to understand, but really including imagine, I could not do anything to me. “I expressed only the desire that I invisible” crowns would like to have. Then, he nodded affirmatively with the head and gave me the pen to sign under the nose. Got me hot. It was embarrassing him to tell me, that I could pay at the moment not so much money for my teeth.

“” That’s why I said: “I would like to sleep a night in and call you back.” Shocked by the amount of money, I left the practice. My old crowns I got ages ago and had to pay nothing for it at that time.” This flashed through my mind. One hears at every corner, everything has become more expensive and health insurance companies to pay 1.000,-for the Crown not so much, but please? For the money, I can know what do God or buy. Now, good advice was expensive. “As I reported in my circle of friends from my shocking experience, I got responses like:” Yes, what did you think because dentures will cost these days a Assets. I paid at least the same.” New crowns, I decided the topic”because it was currently unthinkable only once to do, for me, to be able to pay 1.000,-. An advertisement in the newspaper gave the theme a new twist and gave me a more human in terms of invisible Crown “. Patient help and Zahnhaus were the key words in this aforementioned advertisement. Where could I be helped, if not there? But what should these people tell me there if denture is now so expensive – they can not say probably also something else.