Mar 29

Apostle Paul

The instruction of the Lord Jesus was timely and clear: I do not condemn you. Now go, and not to Sin again. Some person who wrote to me from the Paraguay, I consulted on the dilemma of forgiving or not his wife, in whose cell phone had discovered a text message that corroborated his infidelity. My recommendation was to discuss the matter with her and, with God’s help, find a way out. The woman acknowledged his mistake and asked him a new opportunity. It was not easy to forgive her, but home run today as He wanted to always. Their commitment was the not to collect him in error, and hers, save fidelity. Think about it: operated a second chance, which is that God grants us always, and allows us to resume the road, building from today our tomorrow.

Christianity: road to success there are two perspectives to look at Christian life: the first, as a dull, fraught with non existence you say, do not, do not touch. Or one that I discovered and I share with you: a wonderful way of learning in which we advance not alone but with God’s help. It is possible when there is personal willingness to change. Once we acknowledge our mistake and we conclude in our forces is not possible to change, let the beloved Jesus, our Lord, to operate the transformation that we crave: Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and dine with him, and he with me.(Revelation 3: 20, new international Version) When we give this essential step, be It produces a change between the past and the present. Now we are not the same. All the sins and errors of yesterday are deleted, and open our eyes chapters white of new life which is written as the Apostle Paul describes him masterfully: therefore, if any man is in Christ, is a new creation.

Mar 28

Industrial Engineer

DEFINING and executing excellence in management in PREDICTIVE maintenance programme Oscar Morales l. Civil Industrial Engineer expert in hydraulics and lubrication maintenance predictive/proactive strategies continuous improvement Oscar Morales l. I. LEARNING of the experience of a management INTEGRAL in LUBRICATION as in all the new techniques, which mean change for the Organization, a successful implementation will depend on everything you achieve learn from others that already traveled the road. When we are dealing with a management program in lubrication, in its execution does not require genius and neither depends on a single high-impact action. On the contrary, consists in a continuous actions building value, from a change in focus of the maintenance. It means a new strategic definition to your success? Not necessarily, but without a doubt, definitions, tactics and strategies that are established will help.

To ensure success for the easy route and save us the expensive learning curve, copy of those who have been in that and have executed it. Management programs in lubrication successful cases, teach us since its details. Both of the same programs, budgeted organizational changes and the really brought to the practice. Issues such as: what led or reason the decision to implement change? What was the strategy implemented?-does proactive maintenance? – do predictive maintenance? – another advanced technique of maintenance? What were the hidden obstacles in the process? How it was justified and approved the plan with superior handling? What were the benefits?-reduction in consumption of lubricants? – do lower repair costs? – reduction of production losses? – increase of time between failures? – does productivity increase? – do increase availability and service life of the equipment? -Do more savings with less do mistakes? – maintenance planned rather than reactive. How is the progress of program controlled? What were the actual costs of implementing it? Monitoring and analysis of oils and lubrication, were integrated with other advanced techniques of maintenance? Who and at what intensity were trained for the program? What was the reaction of those affected by the changes that caused the program? What was the role of top management, to initiate and support changes that required the program? How were costs of the program justified? What they would do differently if they had to start the program again? What are the plans for the continuous improvement of the program? The accumulation of experiences and responses to this series of questions, has found that the successful exhibit traits and common factors that must be taken into account.

Mar 11

Eucharistic Celebration

Today we ask ourselves is the Eucharistic Celebration, a meeting?, with who we are?, and that is the subject of this first chat, Conference, presentation, this morning. The presence of Christ in the Eucharistic Celebration.-the various sections found in this scheme obviously perhaps some suppress to focus perhaps more in the fourth and the fifth topic and especially in the seventh as a conclusion. But understanding what is the presence, perhaps we have to reflect on the phenomenology of what is the presence, and I start therefore talking about this phenomenology of presence. The presence of Christ in the Eucharist, is a permanent call to personal encounter with Christ. The Eucharist should be understood also from the inter personality, i.e. as presence of person to person as interpersonal encounter at a own level. Two people meet there is a relationship here, it’s a substantial and real, sacramental and nearby presence, the person by its nature is a social being and tends to interact with another human being, what we said yesterday, there are many ways to do this and to be present before a person-to-person, not talk about what the word means presence, the phenomenology of the presence gives us data that can be applied, then the person of Christ and to the mutual relationship between him and the faithful Christian. Therefore the phenomenology gives us very specific data which we can then apply them.

The presence are generally understood the real relationship between two or more beings that are close between if for any kind of basis in reality. When two people agree on a spot not always establishes a relationship or encounter, because there is no communication, there is no relationship, one with another. Imagine two people who are studying in a library, but there is no no relationship. For humans, there are many ways to present or be present, since all the most excellent, from a human point of view are the physical presence by the own body and spirituality, heart. Then here we go, it is not only a physical presence of object, but there is a spiritual relationship by love. However the simple bodily presence is not by itself the maximum degree of presence, albeit its maximum possibility, because you can give a mere presence of object or a simple be there indifferent.

Feb 15

Radisson SAS Palais Hotel Wien Hotel

Not many cities in the world with such a rich history as Vienna. This is reflected in the history of some of its hotels, which were once magnificent palaces, belonged to noble birth of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Location of the hotel Radisson SAS Palais Hotel Wien in Vienna, such hotels around fifteen. One of them in this brilliant collection stands out. Radisson SAS Palais Hotel Wien form two palaces: "Henckel von Donnersmarck (Palais Henckel von Donnersmarck) and Leytenberger (Palais Leitenberger). Hotel costs on the famous Ringstrasse ring (Ringstrasse), encircling the historic part of town, where until 1857 held the city walls. Actually it's not street Ringstrasse, a beautiful boulevard along which housed public buildings, palaces, historic hotels, squares, parks and monuments. He has a horseshoe shape at the top of which stands the Hofburg (Hofburg), and the parties went to the Danube.

Ringstrasse is not always possible to find on a map of the capital, because it is somewhere from ten separate sections, each with its own name: Burgring, Openring, Schubertring etc. They then mapped. At Parkring (Parkring), along which the outer sides of the ring is located City Park (Stadtpark), is Radisson SAS Palais Hotel Wien. Radisson SAS Palais Hotel Wien Today Today, both the palace are the hotel for 247 rooms, including 31 "royal" and 43 suites, some of which have two floors, the largest of them – the presidential suite on the sixth floor area of 168 sq.m. with four bedrooms. All bathrooms have heated floors.

Jan 14

Energy Politics

This demonstrates that the plan of emergency implanted for Petrobra’s is very efficient against any emergency, however will be that for exploration of the layer daily pay-salt, this plan will be enough? It is what we will argue below. 2.A Daily pay-Salt Layer Before analyzing the possible ambient impacts that could be generated by the exploration of the layer daily pay-salt, is necessary understands it better. Located in great depths, this layer of oil, if finds under oceanic waters below of a thick layer of salt. In the 2007 end, it was found an extensive reserve of oil and natural gas in this layer, in a band that if extends for 800km between the Espirito Santo and Santa Catarina. Not yet concrete numbers exist on how much oil really it exists in the region. These found reserves of oil in the Brazilian coast are inside of the maritime area considered exclusive economic zone of Brazil and are reserves with considered oil of average the high quality, according to scale API. The exploration of this layer requires great technology and investment, so that if it obtains to explore this wealth with the minimum impact for the way environment. Petrobra’s affirms already to possess technology enough to extract the oil of the daily pay-salt.

The objective of the company is to mainly develop new technologies that make possible greater yield, in the areas deepest. In September of 2008, Petrobra’s started to explore oil in reduced amount. This initial exploration occurs in the Field of Jubarte (Basin De Campos), through the P-34 platform. To manage this wealth, the Brazilian government intends to create new a state one that is being called provisorily Petrosal. This new company would not be destined to the direct exploration of the oil, but mainly to the administration of the mega-fields and the act of contract of petroliferous companies to explore them in partnership with the Petrobra’s, defined jointly with the National Advice of Energy Politics (CNPE).

Jan 02

Portuguese Pupils

It exerted some positions amongst the one of Teacher of Portuguese, Religion, Philosophy, Sociology, Didactics in cities of Petrolina and Parnamirim, were also Educational, Orienting Supervisor Pedagogical and Managing of School. It exerted the position of Assessor Technique in the Secretariat of Education in Lauro de Freitas-BA and today she is Secretary of Education and Culture for the second time in Parnamirim/PE. The Municipal Education of Parnamirim possesss an education system that functions with the following modalities; Maternal, Garden I and II and Alfabetizao; beyond Basic Ensino I and II, constituted of Regular Ensino of 1 to 8 series and the Programs of Suplncia de Educao de Jovens and adults, being that, of the 51 schools kept for the Municipal City hall, 3 are in the headquarters and 48 in the Agricultural Zone. The municipal schools of the headquarters are: 1) Municipal school Antonio de Carvalho, who functions of 2 to 8 series of Basic Ensino, with 1.149 pupils (It educates census 2009); 2) School House of the child Orlane Sampaio Lustosa, who functions as center of infantile socialization, with 453 pupils, e; 3) Educational center Parnamirim Centenarian, idealized for the coordinating Maria of Lourdes Dantas Oak, with 325 pupils of Infantile Education. In extracted data of the Vestibule of the Municipal City hall of Parnamirim, currently, they are distributed by sectors, being that each sector counts on a supervisor who has under its responsibility a definite number of schools and folloies the work of these. It enters the schools of the Agricultural Zone, where the average of pupils for group is of 45 pupils, totalizing 1,472 pupils, have the biggest school and of more prominence, School Jose Angelim Branches, located in the Matias Town, taking care of average of 719 pupils, of the Daily pay-school until 8 series, with significant number of professors. Of the sector they are in number of 15 and they are under the supervision of the Edna teacher Alves: 1 – Gumercindo school.

Jul 29

EED – Education Loan

EED is the acronym for Federal Education Assistance Act. Commonly understood to be understood the power that is paid under this Act to the claimant. This is why: Benefits under the EED will only be made upon request. Student loans will be provided for students, schoolchildren and apprentices. Students can ask the application to the respective Student BAfG their university, students and trainees at the respective county governments or county-level cities. The eligibility requirements vary and depend on the financial status of the applicant and usually his parents. The EED may be granted as a subsidy or a loan. Only in the latter case, it must be repaid. On the detailed information to the authorities, which also receive the request. The Education loan is payable in contrast to EED always back. Its interest rates are very favorable. . He has students and students in advanced training sections. It may additionally orbe granted in addition to benefits under the EED for the education funding. What is the difference between concrete and BAfG educational loan The Education loan is to limit the possibilities are education funding for those students or students who do not qualify for funding under the EED. Those persons receiving benefits under the federal training assistance, to finance the educational loan from a non-EED included training costs, such as school fees, excursions or materials. The conditions for the educational loan are so cheap because the federal government takes a performance guarantee. The Education loan is granted by the Kreditanstalt fuer Wiederaufbau. The Education loan is therefore an opportunity of education funding, which is independent from its own assets and income and that of their parents or spouse. There are usually paid monthly 300, – Euro and for a period of 24 months. An extension is possible. However, there is no legally enforceable right toAllocation of a educational loan, since it is merely an educational loan to the educational program with a limited Hauhaltsbudget and not as the EED, and a legal claim. Information and further information are the Kreditanstalt fur Wiederaufbau.

Jul 22

GooOS, Google’s operating system.

Google keeps getting closer to providing a complete operating system (if not already doing so already) with its suite of desktop services and office and business, in addition to the launch of Android, the platform for developing applications for cell phones and gPC (GooglePC) as a result of union with Ubuntu Linux. All this is a sign of how much Google is entering into our computers, far beyond the browser. Are persistent rumors that Google might be working on developing a new operating system in the form of a giant computer that everyone could take account. Google might be working on developing an operating system on a giant monstrous cluster in which the world could anyone have account. > While major software developers continue to work on individual applications, Google could be building a massive platform for web-scale programming. The first version of this gigantic virtual computer have before it the world’s most powerful search engine, a service of social engineering, another online shopping comparison star and as its revolutionary e-mail service. However as time passes the system would improve in speed and functionality and to prevent Google from having to worry about Microsoft or Yahoo, because who needs Windows when anyone in the world could beunlimited access to the world’s most powerful computer. Using Gnome and Linux as a starting point Google could design a desktop that works through the Internet and store documents locally.

Car Batteries


Our car batteries achieve top-level performance due to all their properties.  The calcium-silver alloy that is used promised up to a quarter extra longevity as well as tremendous resistance for short journeys and enhanced rust resistance.  In addition, there is a high starting power that provides for starting at the lowest temperatures. The decreased self-discharge is a nice addition since it enables up to 18-month storage.

Our car batteries are used for many popular vehicles including: Audi, BMW, Honda, Volvo and more.  As well, we provide the different models for practically every passenger car and transport vehicles.

For us, it’s all about safety and efficiency.  That’s why we have only top-quality products. And when it comes to car batteries, one wants the best.  Likewise with wipers which is why we manufacture Trico ones which date back to before the 1920s and have always contributed to road safety.  Today it is the main wiper blade manufacturer in the world.