Outdoor Vacations

Whoever to enjoy to plenary session the life outdoors and the contact the nature, the inns are the option par excellence that offers the hotel profession in Mendoza. Characteristic mendocina geography makes possible, in addition, to unite city and nature, staying itself in rustic surroundings without being necessary to too much move away of the activity inhabitant of the capital. The ideal solution for those that they look for relax but they do not want to feel isolate in mountain surroundings. The inns at present offer all the comforts to which the modern life has to us customary, with a rustic and natural touch. A perfect example of this is the Cacheuta Inn, in Whitewashed Target, to only 18 km of capital Mendoza by provincial route 82. As it shows of the possibility of uniting nature and urban life in Mendoza, east minimum goes example: the Cacheuta Inn is 13 km of the commercial center Palmares Open Mall, to 6 km of the wall of the Potrerillos dock and to 5 km. of the complex Spas of Cacheuta. The proximity with the Potrerillos dock can widely be taken advantage of by fanatics of the sport to practice windsurf, rafting, trekking and cavalcades.

Most sedentary they can decide on the sport fishing, the strolls in catamaran or the simple and relajante contemplation of the splendid natural frame. The Spas of Cacheuta invite to a pure day to relax and diversion. Their circuits of hydrotherapy put at the disposal of the visitor all the curative and renovador power of the mineralized waters that appear naturally within the complex. In order to propose a experience in accordance with each tourist, Cacheuta Inn counts on different options from lodging: departments, cabins, lofts and until a camping totally equipped with quincho, churrasquera and ample park. In this last one a rolling house can be rented, that will be located where the guest decides.

Also bicycles, cuatriciclos and boats for sport fishing are rented. The inn tells in addition on a slope deprived to the Mendoza river destined the fishing to trouts. Smallest it will enjoy to the maximum the swimming pool and, mainly, the farm of the Cacheuta Inn, home of likeable turkeys, ponies, geese, horses, ewes and flames. A lagoon, an organic kitchen garden, infantile tennis courts, voley and soccer 5, games and ample quinchos, in sensational parquizado surroundings surrounded by fruit trees complete an ideal proposal for vacations in Mendoza to pure nature and family. Original author and source of the article.

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