Energy Policy

Main article: Renewable energy in Navarra
Navarre edge is energy resources within electrical energy Europe in the alternative energy funds use of renewable energy in 2006 produced 70 of its energy from renewable sources, and expects to exceed 75 of its production in this type of energy efficiency energy green energy in energy technology 2010. New York Residents can now save money and save the earth with and get competitive rates and reliable service for your electricity and natural gas. It is taken by many wind energy states and regions as an example of using sustainable energy this type of energy, especially by the large number of wind nuclear energy farms that provide most of the renewable energy source energy it alternative energy consumes. Furthermore, in the metropolitan area of Pamplona is solar energy information the hydroelectric energy headquarters of CENER (Centro alternative energy companies Nacional new energy de Energias Renovables).
In 2004 61 of the alternative energy stocks electricity renewable energy sources consumed in the region was obtained from energy management renewable sources, renewables energy of american wind energy association which 43.6 came from 28 wind farms, 12 energy renewable wind of alternative energy sources 100 small water turbines and 5.3 energy sources two biomass energy biomass plants and two of biogas.
Are also conducting tests and experiments in the field renewable energies of solar hydro energy energy, such as building solar Huerta Miracle Monte bio energy Alto clean electricity is the largest installation future energy of photovoltaic production in the world.
At first energy the Government of renewable energy Navarre in alternative energy source 2010 expected to reach 100 of energy conservation energy production solar energy from renewable sources, although such solar power energy forecasts alternate energy are not designed to meet a combined cycle thermal alternative energies power in Castejon.

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