Aug 31


Five Petersburg hotels have won international environmental certificate “Green Key”: Park Inn Hotels Baltic, Park Inn Nevsky, Park Inn Pulkovo, Radisson Royal and Radisson Sonya. International program of voluntary certification of hotels, business centers, hostels, guest houses, lodges and campgrounds, “Green Key” was launched in Russia in the summer of 2010. It was developed by the International Organization for Environmental Education to promote and implement ideas environmental performance in industry placements. The program to develop uniform international criteria, which include a number of areas: environmental management, waste management, water use and energy consumption, cleaning and laundry, information for visitors, staff participation, the work of the office, food and drinks, green areas and parking, environmental protection activities. The criteria are divided into mandatory and recommended, hotels, observant mandatory criteria, receive an international eco-certified “Green Key”. Writes portal, the first of the St.

Petersburg hotels, received the certificate, the hotel became Cronwell Inn stirrups. A recent “Green Key” received five hotels owned by Rezidor: Park Inn Hotels Baltic, Park Inn Nevsky, Park Inn Pulkovo, Radisson Royal and Radisson Sonya. In these hotels meet all the required mandatory environmental performance criteria: use energy-saving lamps, installed devices that save water and electricity, use detergent with eco-labeling, bought local produce, not requiring long-term transportation, and products with eco-labeling. In plans for development of hotels – the development and implementation of its own system of water circulation, which will relieve the need for hoteliers to dump the used water down the drain, thus indirectly causing harm to environment environment. In Russia the program “Green Key” was launched just this summer with the support of the St. Petersburg Tidy “, which seeks to raise environmental awareness, the development of environmental education, promotion of ecotourism and environmentally safe water recreation.

Aug 30

Different Types Of Storage Boxes

The boxes are a very common in everyday life. The boxes can be found everywhere in the items we sell in a warehouse, transportation of things in the supermarket, in short, in each of the places we visit when in the city. There are boxes made of all types of materials that are used for various functions depending on how they have been made. Thus, there are boxes made of cardboard boxes made of plastic and boxes made of wood. These three types of boxes are the most common in everyday life.

These boxes are also enjoying a larger market due to its popularity and all purposes for which can be applied. Cardboard boxes are to be sought mainly for its versatility. This type of box is looking for merchants and marketers of products for packing their products in an attractive and safe for their customers. These boxes have the great advantage that they are very light and can take things that do not involve complicated or mass transport. The key word for cardboard boxes is its versatility, since they can be used for more varied uses and adapts to most surfaces and places where they can be worn. The big disadvantage of the cardboard boxes is that they are very fragile.

This is the kind of boxes that should not be used to carry heavy things, things with sharp points or things that can get wet or damp. Plastic boxes are also quite used boxes in the modern world. Because the plastic is a flexible, lightweight and sturdy plastic boxes are an excellent alternative that is used for many different products. Unlike cardboard boxes, in plastic boxes can store heavier items and if they permit the presence of moist things without damage. That is why these boxes are especially useful in camping trips or outings where necessary to carry foods that can damage a cardboard box or a wooden box with ease. Wooden boxes are also particularly useful in the other do not have much practical application. The wooden boxes are great for mass transportation of goods, whether by air, land or water. Wooden boxes are specialized for each of the types of transport that have been mentioned. Thus, the wooden crates used for transport by land are sought to be flexible and strong wood to withstand all the bustle of travel. The boxes in air transport specialist stand out because they do not weigh much, so do not raise the costs of transporting the goods. The transport boxes are characterized by allowing ships to carry a lot in little space and bearing heavy weight on whether or no damage. Another advantage of the boxes in general is very cheap, the materials typically cost much money, but did not make them like this very useful. This advantage are so cardboard boxes, such as plastic and wood. We hope this information is helpful in your search of lectures on boxes.

Aug 25

Treatment Foods

Treatment of the bleeding hemorrhoids hemorrhoids hemorrhoid bleeding, mild or severe, can cause great pain and discomfort. Hemorrhoids can be cured easily and effectively through home remedies. Simply hemorrhoids are known as varicose veins in the rectum. The main and most common hemorrhoid cause is constipation. As I have just mentioned, the most common reason for hemorrhoids is constipation. A diet low in calories composed of fruits and vegetables, whole grains and lentils, bring enough for the body fiber and, at the same time help to prevent hemorrhoids. The increase in the rate of the metabolism of the body also has many other benefits.

Food that has lots of fiber absorbs water as it passes through the digestive system. The digestive system is unable to process the fiber and is passed to two points. When the fiber and wastes are mixed, we are experiencing a normal bowel movement. This helps to prevent constipation. To prevent hemorrhoids, the first step is to eat a balanced diet rich in foods high in fiber. Due to the chaotic lifestyle of today, most of us have begun to eat processed and packaged foods.

These foods are high in calories and low in fiber. Junk food upsets the digestive system and cause constipation. The best way to prevent hemorrhoids is to eat a nutritious, balanced and cooked diet at home. Cola drinks, alcohol, and caffeine instead of water can cause hormonal imbalances in your body. Water and natural juices are required by the body. The water helps to eliminate toxins and prevent constipation. Drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water each day will be useful and plays an important role in any home remedies hemorrhoids. Food products that have been processed sugar, alcohol, caffeine and other preservatives can also cause constipation. These foods should be avoided. One must have a simple diet and eat foods that are made in house. A walk after dinner is a need to improve the metabolism of the body. The exercise journal is also a great way to improve your digestion, increase blood flow, and lose weight.

Aug 22

Jurisoft CRM

But you have to take into account that not everything is technology, must have a strategic vision to decide that we must integrate the CRM with loyalty program, and must always have a period to generate data. You have to wait to these data to mature. In the case of technology, Oracle solution we liked because it is generic and at the same time multi-industry. Offers us even more flexibility in our market, which already has the Jurisoft CRM. (3) I have a no-points loyalty program? Victor Vargas: Depends on the business strategy from the image, benefits, brand and goals. There can be no points programs but have tangible benefits, and with no visible members.

What matters is not if are points or no points, if not the value that brings to your members and communication or dialogue that you are going to promote them. It is not only accumulate points, we must be a cycle of communication. And here the CRM is important since the management of campaigns up to How to offer service, and eventually the use of social networks. (4) What are 3 key areas to define a loyalty program? Victor Vargas: Have to organize the objectives, see what we want to do. We want to increase sales, strengthen the brand, make cross-selling. These objectives must be tied to the business strategy.

Then we have to see which image and character we want to project with loyalty program. This defines the budget and the type of rewards. And finally, what levels of members want but with a focus on the profitability of the program, which brings us to measure benefits and not the costs. (5) Let’s talk about the budget and profitability program. I’ve seen that loyalty programs need at least 1% of sales as the programme budget. Victor Vargas: Yes, 1% is the average and with shared programs among allies can go up to 5%. In Mexico varies by industry and we have seen that in retail is between 1% and 2%. But as we talked about above, the budget has to be measured with results and benefits.

Aug 20

Mexico Society

We can talk to any American citizen on nanoscience and its advances and I might have some knowledge or idea regarding the issue, however in emerging countries like the case of Mexico, the subject not is well-known for society, so it would be very difficult to have a conversation with respect to nanotechnology. It is one of the disadvantages that could have a country that does not have the sufficient use of nanotechnology in society, since you can take different points of view on the subject, to consider reaching the nanotechnology as something that could affect society, and consequently his rejection by the same. Countries such as Mexico and Brazil maintain a level significant nanotechnology research and development, however the level of investment is very low. On the other hand, in other countries it has come to consider that nanotechnology could be implemented for military purposes, to be used on battlefields, or even in nuclear technology. In terms of the position currently taken by society towards innovation nanotechnology is very varied. Is that in Mexico there would not be a position against or causing any social disturbance, due to the lack of knowledge that you have on the topic within the society.

However we can say that there are people with high knowledge in Sciences, and may result in some cases situations against depending on what it is giving to nanotechnology. However, is considered to have a breakthrough in nanotechnology and its applications in the country, Mexico could experience some increase in the level of life of the society in the current economic situation of the country. There are many opinions by society, however many of them are not sustainable. Mexico should join the development of nanotechnology to one higher level, since the latter considered you will have a great importance in the future. Different consequences might arise upon Mexico not invest more on the topic, however has shown not a breakthrough in the development.

Aug 13

Economic Reasons

Nuclear power is expensive and has only been able to survive thanks to public subsidies. The World Council for Renewable Energy estimates that the nuclear industry has received approximately 1 billion dollars (adjusted to present value – 2006) of public money in the world, while all non-renewable energy has received more than one 50,000 million dollars. Fortunately, profitability and interest in renewable energy are growing rapidly thanks to the progress in increasing efficiency and reducing costs.
Although the industry claims that nuclear construction costs are around 1,500 / kW, , the Keystone Center in June 2007 estimated the cost of construction for a nuclear power plant between 3600 and 4000 / kW. Four months later, Moody’s estimates between 5000 and 6000 / kW.
Construction costs of nuclear power has traditionally been much higher than estimated. In the U.S., a study of its 75 nuclear reactors shows that construction costs exceeded the budget by 322 on average. In India, the country with recent experience in construction of nuclear reactors the costs of their last 10 installations have tripled the original budget. Part of the increase in construction costs is due to the increased time required for the same: of the required 66 months on average in the mid-70 has in the last half of practice to 82 months (almost 7 years) between 2000 and 2005.
The cost of decommissioning nuclear power has proved to be much higher than expected. For example, the dismantling of the power of the Yankee Rowe (Massachusetts, USA) cost about 450 million, compared with 120 million originally planned. Affordable clean energy is available from energy costs are actually reduced so you pay less. In the UK, the official estimate of the decommissioning costs of nuclear plants is 70,000 million dollars, while industry funds for nuclear decommissioning involving 22,000 million dollars (less than one third of the total cost). Although so far few plants have been dismantled in the coming years many reached the end of their expected lives, and must be dismantled.
The cost of radioactive waste management in Spain (we pay all through the electricity tariff), as calculated by the National Radioactive Waste SA 6A in its fifth Radioactive Waste Plan, will be approximately 13,800 million euros. This calculation extends to the year 2070, and does not include the costs of subsequent years (the radiotoxicity of the waste is maintained for tens of thousands of years).
According to the Secretary of the International Conference for Renewable Energies 2004, nuclear is the energy source that generates less employment per unit of energy produced. Less than any renewable energy.
In economic terms, the tragedy of Chernobyl has already cost to Belarus, Russia and Ukraine several hundred billion dollars
Nuclear power plants can not be secured only through private insurers. In 2005, the maximum amount of insurance for a nuclear plant in the U.S. was 300 million dollars. The costs of a serious nuclear accident could be much higher, which established a fund (called the Price-Anderson fund), which is funded by the companies themselves, which would cover any excess of the 300 million (in 2006 this fund was 9500 million dollars). The costs of an accident that exceeded the assets of the Price-Anderson fund should be covered by the state. In the case of Spain, according to a draft of the Draft Law on Civil Liability for Nuclear Damage, the management companies should establish a nuclear liability coverage in the amount of 1200 million, but insurers operating in the country (as elsewhere) do not have sufficient capacity to provide security, so the electricity tariff must cover the warranty for damages uninsurable.
The major global banking groups have said that without 100 of credits from the state made no loans to build nuclear weapons. Bush’s plan foresees the state guarantee on 80 of the cost of the first six plants. But with 80 of banks do not have enough: either we guarantee a 100 credit is granted or not.
According to the American business magazine Forbes, “the failure of U.S. nuclear program is seen as the biggest corporate disaster in the history of business.”
The World Bank states that “a bank loan granted to the energy sector requires a review of policies, institutions and investments in the sector.

May 01

Pros Of Buying A Car In The U.S.

1. Cars are cheaper in the U.S. and this is an indisputable fact. Against the background of the disastrous rise of the euro against the dollar, the price difference from the U.S. car and a car from Europe is increasing with a geometric progression is not in favor of the latter. 2. When buying a car in the U.S. have more confidence in the reliability of this path, but there is no 100% guarantee.

3. Most cars that use in the United States are adapted to our 92 petrol – does not affect all cars. For By comparison, fresh cars in Europe because of stricter environmental regulations more prefer the AI 95. Again, does not affect all cars. 4. Car of America, as a rule, the richer is completed. Inside, virtually error-free You can find the climate control, automatic transmission, power accessories and a lot of different options. The only thing – the quality of plastic in the cabin of the United States leaves much to be desired.

5. Opportunity to buy a model or make of car, which has not been formally delivered or not delivered to our market. Let me explain with an example. Honda Civic in the back of the last generation coupe officially introduced only in the U.S. market (by the way there and done). The probability of finding the car on Our car markets are extremely low. 6. The queue to buy a new car – even if the desired car is officially presented in our showrooms, the queue to buy it can stretch more than a year. In addition to the large stir to contribute to this phenomenon may be a low volume of quotas for the supply of certain models in a specific country. The opposite situation may occur in the U.S. market, where the same car can be picked up straight from the salon.

Nov 02


But then, glades, valleys, river beds on such devices can be put into very long journey. For hunters, fishermen and lovers of climbing in forest areas would be the best utility sled. On cross-these are the best snowmobiles. Models have a caterpillar a large area, good traction characteristics, often have additional luggage capacity and various attachments such as hoists. It is utilitarian models are often used in the service of Petroleum and Energy, as well as people bought for personal use – a resource import samples huge machines are reliable and in the woods they have no equal. A few words about the firms. Popular brands of snowmobiles – Yamaha, Polaris, Arctic Cat, BPR.

Machines of these companies are reliable, but demanding to the quality services and supplies. Repair and prevention of snowmobiles is best done by specialized service, and the search for spare parts can result in a headache for the owner, because many "Dull" model, parts are supplied only on request. So if you want to buy a used snowmobile, it is best to pay attention to the most common model in which consumables and spare parts can be found in stores. Just when buying a used snowmobile imported, it is likely that the previous owner of his very hard-exploited, which is very serious blow to the budget of the latter-day owner. With respect to local snowmobile "Buran", "Taiga" and "Lynx", the quality of their assembly, and reliability is poor, but in this case, it should be noted that spare parts for these models can be found even in remote places, and services can be make your own. In addition, it is recognized that the indigenous peoples of the north – the Khanty, Mansi, Chukchi, for many generations, just use the Russian technique and regularly travel long distances with a passenger, and even whole "Train" hitched the sled. So the choice of brand snowmobiles – personal matter, someone rides on Russian equipment, repairs and does not complain, someone – to buy a foreign car. In any case, the acquisition of the snowmobile – it is useful and worthwhile.

Oct 21

USB Sticks Promotional – The Versatile Giveaway

Successfully through promotional, advertising and giveaways if your company has developed a new product, a new service, or a new brand, and it’s now about this new product on the market, which is so highly competitive at the present time, as never to publish, then you should be aware of some important aspects, because that you are successful here, special measures are needed in this day and age. For example, is the market due to the global financial crisis and the euro crisis under high pressure, and therefore all companies try to defend its own market share and to deny the success of other companies. Therefore, specific funds such as for example USB sticks promotional products are particularly necessary to be successful, and to be always one step ahead of the competition. This is for example then especially important, if you want to publish new products and brands on the market, because new products have the problem that they are unknown, and therefore only very poorly, if at all, can sell always once. That’s why you should absolutely special precautions, because this issue applies to all new products, no matter the idea or the market gap is as well, which is the product based.

It is therefore absolutely necessary to increase the awareness and the popularity of new products and brands, so that one is still very successful. But before one lays down on a giveaway promotional products such as the USB sticks, consider once before eyes, in which people you ever wants to advertise. The target group, and specifically the definition of the target group, play an important role in the planning of any advertising campaign, because the target audience, the advertiser means must finally and basically the complete strategy are aligned. It can save a lot of money also at this point, if you not too large sets for example the target group. With a smaller audience to reach fewer people, you have to spend but also less money for advertising as a whole. If you intelligently sets the target group you can great effects but also with a small target group achieve.

For example if one garnering only the human beings, which anyway are not interested in the products and brand of your company, you save money and time in planning. The USB sticks promotional products will achieve so also an especially good effect, because they can be very versatile and designed. With this advertiser means save too much money because there are many manufacturers and wholesalers who offer the gifts not only to exceptionally good conditions, you can offer the in addition also still very good volume discounts. Therefore it can be worthwhile especially to take advantage of these freebies. In addition most vendors can help even the pressure, to good tips to give them, how you make your gifts. It is therefore with the right help a breeze if you use the USB sticks promotional products, to create a good advertising. Therefore also use these means, if you want to plan a good advertising campaign the next time, because with these funds, it is in the blink of an eye managed to make a significant advertising. Oliver Smith

Oct 03

German Federal Republic

Still, the editors of the free advisers reached a variety of Consumer enquiries asking for help. Our service offering is unique in Germany sicherlich we were able to establish partly us among the suppliers for the purchase of life insurance policies after almost a year of market presence as the largest provider in the German Federal Republic. While other providers for their customers can realize only low surrender values of free consultants and the CARPE DIEM GmbH offer the services that should be available at all first place: the maximum possible reimbursement. The free advisers assured: the repayment of the full contribution expenses is quite realistic. For contracts concluded in the years 1992 to 2007, this is (by the way, regardless of whether they still run or are already announced), even almost certain plus interest and compound interest. But only if you know the current case law, nationally and internationally precisely like the pros by the free Advisor. And then only, if you like the free Advisor competent Lawyers has at his side, who know their stuff.

After experience of the free consultant four different attack surface allow to get fully paid-up contributions back legally. For this purpose, however, extensive background knowledge is required. One conveyed on the Internet according to the free Advisor unfortunately impressively, as few people have real knowledge, but how many need to proclaim their irrelevant opinion, including not least dubious lawyers. For the consumer, the priority is to simply to get his money. And that is the goal that the free Advisor sits. Even if the one or other insurance in the knee will force our activities: of free consultants is crucial to the success of the consumer for the team of the magazine.

The free Advisor campaigned for him alone. And even if that some insurance companies will perish for the free advisers is categorical: everyone gets just what he is entitled to. About the CARPE DIEM GmbH and the free Advisor, the CARPE DIEM GmbH benefits from a nearly twenty-year history in the field of financial services. She could since 1991 many first with over 2,000 employees and later as a pool of agents gain experience as a sales company with over 1,600 free partners. Today, the CARPE DIEM GmbH operates reconnaissance about the machinations of party and media with in-house consultants. Furthermore, the CARPE DIEM GmbH is the partner of free consultants Verlagsgesellschaft mbH & co. KG, the editor of the financial journal for everyone, the free consultant. The free Advisor appears quarterly. Daniel manages the Affairs of the CARPE DIEM GmbH since 1991 Shahin. CARPE DIEM GmbH is Seligenstadt. Contact: CARPEDIEM GmbH Mr. Michael Sielmon of Steinheim str. 117 63500 Seligenstadt phone: + 49 – (0) 6182 / 9938300 fax: + 49 – (0) 6182 / 9938333 E-Mail: Internet: