Jun 18

Federal Republic

These “children guardian angel” are there for the children, inspire their creativity and imagination, distract them from the disease, give strength, confidence and courage to face life, wake, humor and hope, give security and animate this important physical processes, which has been proven to support becoming healthy. Our goal is to support the whole family in the difficult time of hospitalization and then even to care. Jacqueline Boy was honored in January 2013 with the Medal of merit of the order of merit of the Federal Republic of Germany. Web site: excerpt: Prologue: A serious illness in the family means a great burden which can go to the physical and psychological limits, especially if a child is affected. It can change the life of a whole family in one fell swoop and often very persistent. In this book children and young people who have received a new heart transplants, children report that is due to a severe disease are in the hospital about their daily lives. But also parents and siblings of seriously ill children who are confronted every day with the fates and tasks, report it. The celebrity children guardian angel ambassadors in their personal stories portray poignant destinies of children, they encountered, and which have closed them in her heart. All involved small and great authors in this book write very personal stories; Stories that touch, give pleasure and stimulate thinking. We all want to show the reader with this book, how precious health is a really precious gift we take too much for granted. Stories are for living and compassion, they should encourage affected to fight, but especially they should we all give hope, hope for life!

Jun 06

Quick Lane AquFit

The aquLaatzium Freizeit GmbH was founded in 2001 and is headquartered in Hannover Laatzen. Fitness and swimming in a new dimension experience aquFit new standards in the field of health and recreation in the city Laatzen milestone in the history of the leisure company Laatzen, April 19, 2011 – aquLaatzium success concept is with the extension. The opening day is now after 2 years of construction and training operation can be recorded with its approximately 1,600 members. On April 30, 2011 at 15: 00, Managing Director and owner Carsten Otte, Laatzens Mayor Thomas Prinz and Chairman Ernesto Nebot Pomar be aquFit release the doors to the new building. Versatile sports and fitness facilities in the new building, the new building offers versatile aquFit future innovations on two levels visitors and 1,600 existing members of the aquLaatziums. So, 3 new classrooms with spacious outdoor terrace can be found. There will be sports, such as indoor cycling, step aerobics and yoga classes in the traditional style offered.

The builders also laid special emphasis on the establishment of a fitness pool, which now represents the second larger water area of the plant next to the existing pool. A further focus will be in the future in the field of strength and endurance training. With the help of some 150 modern equipment of the latest generation in the fitness market, visitors on the training area with real-wood parquets can live out their sporting ambitions. Innovations in the sauna village round the conversion off in addition to the expansion aquFit grew the already existing village of sauna. So, visitors will find now 14 saunas and steam baths to relax. The new suuri sauna House with up to 70 seats and berths will offer special infusions of experience and serve as a place of communication for the sauna guests.

Swimming area grown outdoors in addition to the competition-grade 25Meter school sports and club swimming pool, offering for hobby float in the future will include also a solid back and Quick Lane in the aqualaatzium. The natural swimming lake with generous sleeping area is summer again for holiday fun on the water available. Currently the exterior in the Greens won’t be over. From the idea to the planning contract at the beginning was one only the idea to build fitness pool, which should satisfy the large demand for aquKursen. To train the weightless ease in the water caused crowded classes and little water surface related to available. The amortization of this basin should be implemented through the expansion of the gymnasium because here at only 300 qm training area with only a classroom shortages were visible. Finally the city Laatzen with the closure of the already bath chose grade competition lap pool in the aquLaatzium a 7 cars and the Scheduler with the expansion were aquFit busy.

Jun 05

Alfredo Jamisse

I remembered myself that it did not have plate money. I was the drawer to take the card of the bank to be able to raise the money. It swims. Already I started to be nervous of truth. I verified if the code pin of my card still existed. It swims. It swims.

nothing. I started to cry alone in the room. First the fact of my namorada one cried to be hospitalized, second, because I already did not have money. The young woman took the card and the respective code pin. She did not have to lamuriar me to reason in that instant and that place.

I started to hate that room. In the previous week my namorada one finished to be assaulted and was in this imbrglio that was pulled out it its cellular one. I finished to buy this cellular one for it as present, therefore it was day of its anniversary. It is alone to see my bad luck. Already with nerves the flower of the skin I looked for the Alfredo Jamisse in the peripheries quarter and I did not find it. I was to the room and I started to cry of new. *** Passaram many days, but to surpass it did not obtain me. To conform it did not obtain me with the situation that had happened. He was one I afflict total that obtained to desestabilizar all my econmica and emotional situation. When my namorada one left the hospital did not believe. It called me so that I was to the house of its parents better to explain what he had happened. It still was very weakened, therefore as soon as she left the hospital she gave this judgment to me. I did not believe, was it. Finished well. The illness had eaten it all its mass. It counted at great length to me what it had happened with me and the friend of the Kiss-flower. I was very frightened when segredou it me as she would have obtained those information. I was with a little of fear per some instants. But I gained a little more than courage. I only it respect, but fear of it I do not have, therefore it knew already it has time sufficiently. The situation passed. Four years later I already almost was compromised to it. We decide that we would marry in them in November that propositadamente gutter with the days of our anniversaries. It makes in one day previous and I then one day later. He was all excellent one and to the minimum details well it was organized. For irony of the destination the friend of the Kiss-flower that never more I knew its name and that I was much enraged and constrangido time inside of me appeared me. She has an old one dictated that she says that the time is the solution of everything or the time leads obtains all the hurts?

Jun 04

Free Webinar Series

“four days – four experts four compulsory ermine Frankfurt a. M. May 30, 2011 next week invites Projectplace, Europe’s leading provider of Web-based project management and team work, to participate in its free webinar series learning from the best” a. All working and no obligation which now want to learn about trends in their professional life in projects or teams are addressed. simplify your life allow you the power of simplicity in your life!” “Speaker: Werner Tiki coast maker author, cartoonist and columnist date: June 07, 2011, 10.00 10.45 flexibility + transparency = more success!” “” Speaker: Carsten Dencker project manager Mankenberg GmbH date: June 08, 2011, 10.00 10.45 speed is no witchcraft “speaker: Dr. Rango Dietrich Managing Director PharmDev innovation GmbH date: June 09, 2011, 10.00 10.45 projects easily and efficiently: communication management in the cloud” speaker: Sylvia Fertig account manager, Projectplace GmbH Date: June 10, 2011, 10.00 10.45 registration and participants with this webinar series applies Projectplace at all, who are regularly involved in projects, and efficiency in the work of the team or special industry solutions interested. Registration and participation are free of charge. The number of participants is limited to 100 for technical reasons. The accreditation for the Webinars is possible at the following Web address: topnav/Knowledge Center/webinars

Jun 04


The best sources of proteins are meat, chicken, Turkey and fish. Also the whites of egg, milk, yogurt and cheeses bring good amount of protein. (2) One of the best tips on how to gain muscles, is devising a proper bodybuilding workout routine. It is essential to carry out this kind of exercises to increase muscle mass, since the tissue that is not exercised will atrophy and decreases its volume, while the tissue that is used much increases its volume. (3) You must exercise all muscle groups, two groups per day. For example, one day do it arms and shoulders, another day to legs and abdomen, etc. It is also very important to have a restful, since it is at this time that the muscle fibres damaged in the exercise are repaired, increasing its volume.

(4) A very good idea to gain muscle is to take some sort Supplement, that will ensure an adequate intake of protein, vitamins and minerals for your body. Some of these supplements include creatine, a substance that helps muscle growth, and whose consumption does not imply serious risks to health. There are other supplements and medications that allow a dramatic increase in muscle mass, but many times these supplements contain hormones, whose intake implies serious risks to health. niel Straus NYU wanted to know more. (5) Finally, another important tip on how to gain muscles, is to have patience and perseverance. If you are a beginner, and you’ve never done strength training exercises, you must begin slowly, and gradually increase the intensity of training to your body is responding. If you have evidence, in one or two months you will begin to see the results of your routines. To see which are the 3 proven plans so that any naturally skinny man can finally increase muscle mass, please click here.

Jun 04

New Workplace

Creating new workplace as well as CO2 reduction through there is wind and Sun, which will expand to energy uses the company Asset@Logistic AG as a high-return potential ecological projects In the South of Spain. The Asset@Logistic AG is the current challenges, to exploit the natural resources within the EU and is developer of wind and solar energy equipment for 10 years. Thus the Asset@Logistic AG makes a considerable contribution to Europe in times of climate change and is currently new impulses for more than 130 jobs in Lucainena de las Torres. New jobs with Asset@Logistic AG the Group Asset@Logistic Ltd. is 2008 the photovoltaic solar facility into operation with another 55 million euros in Lucainena de las Torres now significantly expand. The previous performance of more than 21.5 MW will be after commissioning of the expansion by the Asset@Logistic AG to 47 megawatts. For the latest information of the power grid operator Red Electrica de Espana”is the desired discharge capacity Andalusia already 2012 doubles be, what represents a further motivating factor of Asset@Logistic AG for the design and implementation of the project. The planned activities of the Asset@Logistic AG in southern Spain manages more than 130 new jobs and stimulates exemplary for the clean energy.

Drastic CO2 reduction through the projects of Asset@Logistic AG as project manager of Asset@Logistic AG in Spain sees Soledad Martinez in the project a meaningful extension by three additional photovoltaic projects and the resulting installation of more 170,000 polycrystalline silicon modules providing backed by more than 30,000 households with electricity. These Silicon modules built on about 40 hectares, which include the Asset@Logistic AG and offer a performance of another 26 megawatts for the region of southern Spain. Thus, the Asset@Logistic AG contributes significantly to reduce the carbon dioxide emissions. With the planned expansion of the Asset@Logistic AG in Lucainena de las Torres more than 150,000 remain of Earth’s atmosphere Tonnes of CO2 saved the year.

Jun 03

Project Manager

Direction in which develops project management in your opinion? Dr. Christian Eisenschink: The number of projects will increase further. With the proliferation of project-oriented work a hierarchy, introduces so afraid, and in project management. This is unfortunate, in my opinion, as project management originally made a hierarchical break compared to the line work, who gave the staff of project self-sufficiency, personal responsibility and freedom. This development is thwarted by establishing fixed hierarchy in project management. This could be avoided, for example, if you use projects in the use of language not more inflationary, and would reduce the number of projects. So the positive developments that involves project management, settled store: staff participate in project management on the decisions of Company, they have relatively large open spaces, where they can be independently creative and thus also productive.

Project-oriented work can give much more freedom employees – depending on their educational level or maturity. This ultimately leads to a further liberalisation of society. Can do: They are certified laughter Yoga trainer and offer including laughter yoga courses for project managers. “Worldwide is the tenor here taught in more than 5,000 clubs the laughter is: we laugh not because we are happy we are happy because we laugh!” Project Manager make you happy? Dr. Christian Eisenschink: I would like to here the newly expressed concept of liberalization take up: laughter is a good of liberalisation, which has been educating the citizens. At the Church strongly influenced value system of the middle ages laugh was something negative. The economically growing bourgeoisie saw the future optimistically and smiled as the project manager must to its destination as well as the success of his project, believe and smiling exude this confidence. So he has a positive effect on his team and is a major boost with his cheerfulness. The laughing laughter Yoga is available to the pulse carrier it requires no external stimulus, a joke, for example.

Jun 01

Church People

The plague, according to author, it presents a positive point that is the return of solidarity between the people. In literature and the art macabro if installs, as reflected of the moment of extreme suffering for which the people pass. In year 1000, marked for ' ' fire of Antonio&#039 Saint; ' , the epidemic of the evil of the burning hot ones, epidemics were a constant, mainly in virtue of the sanitary problem of the time. In this point, the author, as already he had made in other points, also when comparing the shock of the plague with the AIDS, makes relation with current Africa, as remembering in them the world where we live and that to the times we forget. ' ' violncia' ' , very expensive subject to all living we in the great cities, is the subject of the room chapter. The brutality is a mark of the daily one of the medieval time, in literature, the sports (matches), in the presence of the knights and the military mercenaries (' ' the agents of demnio' ' ), in the collective rapes for the associations of youngsters in the urban area, that is, in all the aspects of the life of the medieval man; however, according to author, less violent of what currently. Some factors are presented as limitations for this violence: the persistent and constant campaign of the Church; the function Dos Reis as mantenedores of the peace and justice; the solid structure of the society, with its characteristic to agglutinate the people; the exemplary punishment for the practised crimes. Although to argue little as these factors they would act in the gift, the author brings in them for the reflection what he would be lacking at our time so that we reduced the violence in the society. ' ' other world fear ' ' , in the medieval man, it is characterized for the fear of the final judgment, of the punishment that would happen and of the sufferings and sufferings in the hell, for all the eternity.