Wi-Fi and Travel

Despite the world is if becoming lesser of what never, the places of the planet where are easy if to feel the first visitor of the race human being they are innumerable. For example, the National park Uluru in Australia: it looks for ' ' Ayer' s Rock' ' in google and you go to understand as she is possible if to feel in return to the times of daily pay-history when only the dinossauros inhabited the planet. But it does not have fear, modern traveller! Exactly that the local landscape is one in such a way lunar one, you still is well close to house. In the truth, everything what you need to make is to take off its notebook of the knapsack pra to discover that the national park Uluru has an excellent connection wi-fi. it is not the only remote place that offers the service. Nowadays, the connection wi-fi if became so common that to connect itself it is possible in such a way in the orphanage of orangotangos Sepilok in Borneo as in the Monastery of the Ten A thousand Budas in Hong Kong.

is not alone in isolated areas that you if will surprise when finding the so dear connection wi-fi. The Cathedral of Chratres for example is one of the biggest places of cult in the world. But if you visit it in contemplation search spiritual, you are not surpreso if the person seated in the bank to the side will be bringing up to date its blog. we cannot forget it Vatican, heart of the Church Catholic, where in accordance with a recent visitor the connection wi-fi he is ' ' of matar' '. Everything this in them takes the question: the world is a better place because of this? The reply it goes to depend on its technological taste. However, we can agree that the Internet in search of best notebook is at least funny to imagine the Pope escaneando deals. Translated for Claude Marcotti for the Mavens agency of London Text of Richard Luck for Dell

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