When Does The Panda Update By Google?

The Panda makes SEOs and copywriters alike fear many copywriters are something quite worried at the moment because anytime the Panda update from Google to roll over even Germany. Article directories will then probably disappear from the scene with thread and empty texts and also the numerous copywriter must endeavor then quite much more when writing. 3D Systems may also support this cause. Empty write on topics, such as gift basket or other boring keyphrases will then no longer be published. Certainly, this update will spell the end for many sites, others will probably gain in importance. There are many websites now begin to rewrite their content or rewrite them to leave so that the texts be maintained but still added value and thus spared from the Panda in the future. Well maybe some will succeed, however, this also means that you must get to copywriter, who really understand some of their skills.

Boring writing of even faderen keywords likely no chance in the future have, numerous portals are probably simply leave the scene. The Panda will have only one goal and that is to say, increase the quality of the search engine and quite at any price. Many copywriters sees as been well his skins swim, because not everyone understands to write texts with quality. Again, some only on the fast money is out and that is reflected in meaningless text. Numerous effects of the Panda-updates made to watch now in the United States, as have, for example, numerous article directories lost rankings and had to lose so many company directory.

In the United States he has arrived already in the past few weeks was released the new Panda update by Google in the United States and the United Kingdom. Many previously good Web sites were already influenced and changed the search results quite dramatically. Thus, the search engine optimisers in Germany are well warned, many will no longer rely on the so-called link farms and also the Low-cost provider in the text area, so far with a bad write earned quite a lot of money, should be wary now of course. Empty text for keywords, such as vehicle car or interior doors, should better be avoided in future, because the added value plays an ever greater role. Duplicate content or artificially generated by the PC content will be probably soon impossible, so some Web page will probably completely disappear and also some hack to throwing in the towel as well. Now the Panda makes itself felt quite at the writers, because many can rewrite now various texts, so that the added value is secured. Must of course but just now and also in the future now agree the quality, because texts without added value will have here probably barely a chance. Thus, this means more work for the editors, because quantity is quickly written, but then is no longer needed in the future. Quite the copywriter, have always placed on quality and brand recognition are now receive a bonus. The quickly earned money will therefore be with the Panda at the end, when this will however be the case in Germany, is yet unclear. Is but, the clock is ticking.

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