What To Do In Vinales?

Anyone planning a visit of pleasure or any other place you must know what are the meteorological and astronomical variables that can affect the enjoyment of travel, including performance of rainfall, temperature and sun position , the first two mainly for walks only with the purpose of observing, while the latter will influence the shoot. The experience of a local specialist will be helpful, especially in the last point. In Vinales you can be for several days and there is always something to do, both day and night, much as if it takes a car or not, even with the first-round option is provided. Here we present some proposals on how to spend your time more enjoyable. What to do during the day?.

You can go through the fields Vinales Valley on foot or horseback. You can see the different cultures of the area and learn to identify, in addition to his management techniques, always taking into account the month of the year. The visual fields from the agricultural point of view are not the same throughout the year, as crops are seasonal, still including the largest holding snuff (Nicotiana tabacum), dasheen (Xanthosoma saegitifolium), the sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas) and cassava (Manihot sculenta). They all have their time are planting, tending and harvesting defined for the year. Is also grows rice, vegetables and legumes. It is therefore recommended that if you want to visit the area with an interest in learning about any culture should consult their production cycle.

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