Venezuelan Increase

It is now a global phenomenon. More or less a year ago, the price – expressed in dollars – was higher than the rest of the world. But over the last three, four and five months the increase has been so fast that it has affected all the currencies be careful says Henisz, the transport cost, since consequences on certain goods, including food. Also the indirect costs. It continues to rise the price of oil will more be spent on alternative fuels and more resources will be allocated to renewable fuels. Since then, indicates, it has impact on the increase in the cost of agricultural products.

So there are both direct means as hints that we can foresee in the next 12 to 24 months. Adds Siegel who has seen how it has increased dramatically in recent months the price of petroleum, in particular natural gas substitutes, after having maintained stable for many years. It went not with oil, but over the last three or four months it has increased between 40 or 50%. Let us hope that OPEC knows to properly handle the situation, why continue to increase prices, the consequences will be very serious for many countries dependent on oil, all It will generate a rise in finished products, and what worries more about how poverty, hunger will increase. Absence of economic programs that help to develop the country and solve the serious problems facing in health, housing, poverty, education, quality of life can be seen in the Venezuelan case that concerns us, fortunately being a good producer and supplier of oil, the situation favors it in its economy, unfortunately.

It should the Government, manage, manage their income towards the country, avoiding both waste money for projections and political conquests, when there are many problems that resolve to ensure a better quality of life to the Venezuelan that which currently is facing, in an environment that has created an atmosphere of uncertainty, insecurity, risk. It is the opportunity to restructure its major weaknesses in education, health, housing, businesses that favor the development of products involving Venezuela to better exploit their other wealth, agriculture, mining, metals, among others. Opportunities like these should be exploited to the fullest and invest the currencies depending on the country. original author and source of the article.

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