United Arab Emirates

The answer seems so disproportionate as the NATO intervention, which begins to deploy forces and respond with force the pirate attacks. But is at stake oil that goes to Africa from Iraq and the Arabian peninsula as well as the ships of goods ranging from Asia to Europe. If we draw a box extending from Eastern Europe to India on a map, we can see everything that is at stake. Egypt, Sudan, Eritrea, Ethiopia, the Red Sea and, on the other hand, the Arabian peninsula (Oman, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Kuwait, Israel, Syria, Jordan, United Arab Emirates, Palestine); towards the Northeast, Iran, Pakistan everything is in this area of the planet, conflicting since the last century, when Great Britain topped the fever of petroleum in the world economy. The activity of pirates also affects the fishing sector. Not only because of the reduction in volume of catches, but also by the increase in the prices of insurance and loss of goods. For some Spanish fishing companies, tuna in Somali waters season represents 35% of their income. The military responses weaken rather than cooperate to restore and rebuild failed States, sources of cross-border wars, displacement of refugees and extreme poverty.

In principle, multiply by thirteen energy produced in the Rift Valley is presented as something positive, when investments are accompanied by the construction of schools, hospitals and other infrastructure for the inhabitants of the area. It would be absurd for the World Bank to support a project to produce energy but that there was no economic activity that consume it. The bankruptcy of a State does not authorize the humanitarian military intervention that has been preparing us the French Foreign Minister, Bernard Kouchner. Except that the instability of the area will benefit someone, the best answer lies in effective cooperation to bring water to an area hit by drought, to promote the economic activity and give jobs to the young, more irritable and manipulated for violence when his life is to wait.

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