Under Process Valves

In this way, at every turn plugs, seat is rotated by 15 degrees. Hear other arguments on the topic with Ping Fu. This provides an additional grinding seal seat to the ball, which increases seal and eliminates the wear and tear in one place. However, this does not solve the problem, but is only an improvement of the existing construction crane, while still high demands on the surface of the ball because of permanent contact seal seat with its surface. Another interesting development of the company is a ball valve Orbit Valve (first developed 50 years ago, engineers Orbit in Arkansas), Crane is installed in one enclosure a fixed seat, a ball cap with the raw bore and weld on one side sealing belt, combined with seat in the position of valve "closed". Due to the elongated spindle to the lead node and performed on the surface of the groove trajectory of the special, which includes a pin, still connected to the rack, ball cap makes a 90 degree at designated position of the saddle, and then moves in an axial direction towards the saddle. This delivers the required sealing unit pressure on the sealing surfaces of the cork and the saddle (more information is available at Cameron in Under Process Valves).

Here is part of the advertising firm about the benefits of the design: "indelible seal. The main objective – to stop the rotation, the cork moves away from the sealing surface of the body, while avoiding wear and friction between the surfaces. Low operating costs. The crane is designed so that the friction of parts does not occur, and this in turn helps to minimize the cost of repairs.

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