For its development today has all the necessary conditions only the goodwill, joint efforts and adequate funding. Applicable today, treatment of toxoplasmosis, even at diagnosis quite insufficient, as directed only at eliminating the parasite and then, as it turned out temporarily. It is absolutely not affected by the devastating six directions, without addressing the quality of which recovery is impossible. From all this it follows that treatment must be integrated, consciously aimed at specific targets. Do not neglect and curative methods elaborated over the centuries.

On the web site of vedrus in the White Paper of life, unknown to me the authors have collected a few of my articles and vsma positive about my efforts including and published my first book. Invited me to publish a new one or two books as I understand it with a more lengthy and detailed account of issues raised. As mentioned above, such a book already published "The Problem of toxoplasmosis in 2007, it presents some new aspects. But all, all what I have already managed to understand, probably I never will not disclose, for the simple reason that all my appeals, to join efforts to reduce borrowing colleagues, including graduate degrees, and with what and how to treat it. Yet even with me to share my observations do not want to. In turn, I never share with them the understanding sufficient depth of treatment.

I understand perfectly that this is absolutely not the same people who are able to realize the situation and can help the cause. Therefore, the primary task now is to find like-minded people together, organize a club, society, or whatever you want to call in order to put into practice the most advanced approach, treating many diseases. Perhaps opening a special hospital. Need protivotoksoplazmoznom treatment of millions, including among businessmen, industrialists, bankers, ministers, presidents and kings, they too are sick, like all people. With a sufficient explanation of the essence and there are issues raised sponsors. It is high time to head this new direction of professors and academic staff and obizatelno Ukraine, where so hard to not want to see the prospect to learn, not to treat and cure patients. By examples reduced even in this article shows how the new finds its way, albeit in different countries gradually, but it has no one to stop. Even if I did not publish such material, it would make other professionals because it came time to dramatic changes. For those who want to cooperate by the coordinates of the beginning of the article.

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