Time Eaters

Have you ever thought, which takes time for your business. If not, make sure you count, it will be interesting. I periodically analyze their activities, as value of time is realized for a long time (That’s what I said in his article, the – the main value of part 1, part 2). Sometimes I notice that it is very coldly spoke with several candidates in the hope of more rapid development, and style of conversation suggests inner voice. Decided to recall these people and wonder why the inner voice does not love them (99 per cent of cases he is right). Here are 5 categories of the very candidates who can spend your time in vain: a steep one. “Steep networkers, “who know everything, usually people who went through several network companies, perhaps even with some results. Ask too many questions, with little perceived information from both the written and the oral sources.

Very dangerous for beginners, because but take more time and emotion. Purpose – elicit some chips. Make it impossible, because self-importance closes the mind of the new information. Partners never are – from experience. skeptic 2.

“Crusty skeptics, people who look carefully at everything they come across on the eyes. In this case, look through the lens of a dark gray color, which passes only the negative. Constantly elicits all sorts of little things, like “how to increase the signal strength received by the car, if we increase its speed by 2 mph. Very happy for myself, when they get the answer to your question.

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