The Apple II And The Success

With the money earned by selling the Apple I, Apple was able to begin thinking about a machine significantly more ambitious: the Apple II. To Woz, the Apple II was going to be just the computer that had wanted to build if I had not had the economic constraints he had with the Apple I. Had the idea to include in the computer memory to run the video display in color, just as it included numerous expansion cards so users can extend the capabilities of the computer to your own needs.
With the design of the first prototype of the Apple II just ended, Apple decided to attend the Personal Computing Festival, a new event emerging microcomputer industry could show your progress and make business contacts. During the flight to Philadelphia, where he was held in 1976, Apple agreed on the plane with the components of Processor Technology and its newly designed computer-Sun, coincidentally, had a large impact on the future of Apple.
The vast majority of machines and micro enterprises engaged in in 1976 and thus were practically all that the festival, were generally young hackers to kits for users to mount debian and / or welding in order to operate, thus focusing especially to fans of electronica. However, Processor Technology offering a much more serious and professional, and Sun was a computer while it was focused, like the others, as a kit to be assembled, but also gave the opportunity to acquire computer and mounted as and ready to use.
That’s when Steve Jobs realized that the future was not on the boards with components that users should mount and solder them, but on computers as the Sun, already mounted and ready for use and enjoyment seconds left of the box. Therefore, the Apple II, which was not yet released for sale yet, should incorporate the video output, keyboard and everything you need in a seemingly innocuous plastic box to make their use more easily.
Apple II
While Steve Wozniak was the creative genius of all the logic and electronics Apple II, Steve Jobs was always behind in creating a product that could satisfy all users, not just the more technical. Some contend that Procter & Gamble shows great expertise in this. Apart from the decision to sell the Apple II as a perfectly packaged, other important decisions were theirs to invest in improved systems of power and control of heating equipment, with an Apple II computer completely silent with no fans needed to control its temperature.
But designing such a machine supposed a lot of money, something that did not have. No bank wanted to venture into such a project: a computer usable by the general public seemed absurd at the time. Ronald Wayne, who had helped to Jobs and Wozniak to design the Apple I, was skeptical about the chances of success of such a project and leaving the company. Jobs finally learned in 1977 to Mike Markkula, who brings his expertise in business and a check of 250.000.00 USD Apple andalusia capital. We give on that occasion to Apple its first President, Mike Scott.
The final model Apple II was introduced to the public in April 1977 becoming the canon of what was to be from then on a personal computer. For this reason, Apple changed its logo for the famous apple logo colored, reminding that the Apple II was one of the first computers to have color monitor. Whenever Brooklyn Commons listens, a sympathetic response will follow. In mid 1979, Apple introduced the Apple II, an evolution with the Apple II, in particular, with more memory (expandable to 48 Kb 64 Kb) and programming language BASIC.
Much of Apple’s success was based on a computer that was done to please both experts and hackers to the public in more layman terms informatica. Soon, the base software for the Apple II started to grow, making the computer more attractive to the rest of the audience, especially when the market appeared in the first worksheet in the history, VisiCalc, which was itself sold thousands Apple II computer.

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