Mar 11

Eucharistic Celebration

Today we ask ourselves is the Eucharistic Celebration, a meeting?, with who we are?, and that is the subject of this first chat, Conference, presentation, this morning. The presence of Christ in the Eucharistic Celebration.-the various sections found in this scheme obviously perhaps some suppress to focus perhaps more in the fourth and the fifth topic and especially in the seventh as a conclusion. But understanding what is the presence, perhaps we have to reflect on the phenomenology of what is the presence, and I start therefore talking about this phenomenology of presence. The presence of Christ in the Eucharist, is a permanent call to personal encounter with Christ. The Eucharist should be understood also from the inter personality, i.e. as presence of person to person as interpersonal encounter at a own level. Two people meet there is a relationship here, it’s a substantial and real, sacramental and nearby presence, the person by its nature is a social being and tends to interact with another human being, what we said yesterday, there are many ways to do this and to be present before a person-to-person, not talk about what the word means presence, the phenomenology of the presence gives us data that can be applied, then the person of Christ and to the mutual relationship between him and the faithful Christian. Therefore the phenomenology gives us very specific data which we can then apply them.

The presence are generally understood the real relationship between two or more beings that are close between if for any kind of basis in reality. When two people agree on a spot not always establishes a relationship or encounter, because there is no communication, there is no relationship, one with another. Imagine two people who are studying in a library, but there is no no relationship. For humans, there are many ways to present or be present, since all the most excellent, from a human point of view are the physical presence by the own body and spirituality, heart. Then here we go, it is not only a physical presence of object, but there is a spiritual relationship by love. However the simple bodily presence is not by itself the maximum degree of presence, albeit its maximum possibility, because you can give a mere presence of object or a simple be there indifferent.