Aug 03

The Front

After the coffee, Willian caught the knapsack and left to the street to walk six squares until arriving at the school. In that morning it repaired each house why he always passed and he remembered each inhabitant trying to search in its memory the good things that he lives in that street. He stopped in front of the house of Mr. Valter, who was known for its bad mood and tormenting the tricks of the children close to its house. For some occasions he caught the balls that fell in its yard and rare it returned to the children, waited that some father came to search them to be able to remember, insistently, that he was one gentleman of age and that he needed a little of peace. Willian was certain that it adored all that badalao in front of its house, and probably remembered of when she was child and it prepared how much they in such a way.

The boy laughed for a moment and continued walking. He arrived in front of campinho of beaten land where soccer with the friends plays almost all the afternoons, before the sun if putting for some times its mother it cried out of the esquina so that Willian was for house before he was dark excessively. It took care of readily it, invited its friends to go to the front of its house, to make two bars with the slipper hawaiian to play the celebrity travinha exempts. He finished playing at least plus one hour almost without enxergar the ball because of the dark one and later he entered all in sweated house. Before taking bath he took a great cup of achocolatado almost that without breathing, in the end arroto gave to one and a yellow smile for its mother, looked at who it of ugly face. It continued walking and it can see the movement in front of its school, the signal already had touched and the children were going up the stairs that went in direction to would carry, where functioned the direction.

Jul 11

Navy Results

Militar (IPM) restored to select ochamado ‘ ‘ Riocentro case; ‘ , that it occurs in 30 of April of that year; the preparativeses for the general elections would queteriam place in 1982 the first ones, after 17 years, where we would come back to aeleger Governing for the direct vote and for whose accomplishment was in course partisan areorganizao; this, in turn, would culminate with the extinguishing of the ARENAe of the MDB and the subsequent creation of the PDS of Jose Sarney, of the PMDB of UlyssesGuimares, the PDT of Leonel Brizola, the PTB of Yvette Vargas, the PT of Squid edo PP of Tancredo Snows this last one, then incorporated to the PMDB, still bemantes of the elections; the expectations for the succession of> and ‘ ‘ methods of luta’ ‘ of ‘ ‘ esquerdas’ ‘ in the same ones -, I finished for imagining a situation extreme: to the eves of eleiodo successive of Figueiredo, an organization> was relative little before ocorreraalgo seemed, in the Araguaia But so that such hypothesis presented algumaverossimilhana, in the romance, it would be necessary to base it with certaspr-conditions, equally fictitious, of nature politics, economic, social, to militate and administrative, happened of the possible results of the elections de1982. Thus, on the basis of the knowledge that store until then, on odesenrolar of the campaign, I projected some results, that I inserted in the workmanship, integrating> scene that imagines. I summarized them in a picture, to the final destaintroduo. E, without false modstia, I can affirm that not errei in such a way From then on, I put the hands to the workmanship, at night, in house, serving me of an old Olivetti Lettera, in those times daily pay-Windows The plot involves three characteristics that muitoinfluenciaram my career: 1.passa-sine Pantanal Matogrossense, where I inhabited and I worked for five times, and, additionally, I was married and vi to be born my son; 2.trata-headquarters a Marginal Operation, action where much I trained myself, in the long years emque servile in that region; 3.soempregados Tank Amphibious, what normally it would not occur in rivers, masapenas in the sea; however, I was led to this for the fact to have been the primeiroComandante, in Brazil, of a unit of cars of this type (' ' Urutus' ' , acquired for the Navy in 1973, that I commanded of ' ' nascedouro' ' up to 1975, and hojeso obsolete), and also for the intention to give to romance one ' ' feio' ' unusual.