Oct 12

EGO People

When I am a person that I reached a high level pertaining to school, frequentei the best schools, concluding until a university course e, developed an enlightening awareness e, leaves the alienation, that is, it evolves, I am more responsible not to commit errors. I do not know who cismou to place the name of ' ' pecado' ' with a pejorativo direction of these committed acts to harm not my person more the GOD! In the truth, to recognize that errors are only teachings to look the rightness, so to speak, makes in them to feel how much people exist that intimidate the EGO, the ID and the SUPEREGO, do not know well to explain, more know to feel clearly (…) that, with FREUD or without FREUD my conscience imposes to my common-sense the responsibility of that, if only one minority can consume and invest in feeding, comfort and until superfluous, that somebody go to be ' ' to see navios' '. These people do not go to feed themselves well and nor to have a comfort at least the basic one to survive, go with certainty to diminish the sales in the store, in supermarkets. However! if they exist a population of a thousand people and only three hundred consume and have access to the commercial centers, and the seven hundred are in the peripheral immediacy of the poverty, as will go to form greater capitals to be able to supply a positive income to the safes, if they had inverted the production? Well now let us see the consumption explosion and satisfaction that we can sees and to feel in the people if; they eixstem a thousand e, all a thousand consume the necessary one and can pay and the commerce will go to always remain itself vendendo and all will go to work and to eat. This we call that? Release of being able to supply the necessities or concentration of wealth at the hands of a minority? Or of; sin because those that had been in the marginality will go to steal to lose its dignity? Or it loses of ' ' moral' ' of that they had lost the power? I wait that let us can reflect on this question that had invented to call ' ' pecado' ' , therefore the sin alone exists in the head of the prejudiced ones that they had invented these preliminary to remain itself in the power, more to be looked at well with the eyes of the conscience these mias creatures are not nothing and nothing less of what FALSE MORALISTAS and MANIPULATORS of the opinion already, that they sacreficam weakkest being those that would have more to be protected and not to be condemned as pecadores. more ridicule of everything still discriminated as those that are disliking the GOD. The conscience lack destre deeply itself exactly.

They forget the intimidations that GOD is in the way of this sujeirada all. GODS or JESUSES already had made its parts, now wait that let us make ours. We are in the NEW AGE and it he represents the meeting of each I I obtain exactly, therefore he is in this meeting that we will go to understand what the SPIRIT is capable, always was, plus everything he has its hour and its moment. We go to make ours NOW?