Jul 31

St. Petersburg – All Facets Of The Modern Metropolis

Thousands of Russian cities Each with its own character and virtues: one – designed for work and business, the other involves quiet green streets and affordable housing, the third – breathes culture, traditions and has a beautiful potential for education. Only Saint-Petersburg collected all. "Grad Petrov", conceived as a symbol of the new educated in Russia, now attracts, especially businessmen, politicians and young people from across the country. More recent conquest for the provincial metropolis was akin to climbing Mount Everest. Dare associate with him his fate only the most ambitious, most audacious and persistent.

How much more promising and more comfortable for life is Petersburg today? No one dares to challenge the status of St. Petersburg cultural capital. Moreover, in the city including more than 200 museums and 180 theaters. Sami streets, buildings, bridges – also part of a unique ensemble of the past. And let rumor says that the "Hermitage" – a place of pilgrimage for tourists only, every native St. Petersburg man has a choice – to go or not go to a meeting with "beautiful." Unlike most cities, museums, St. Petersburg lives not only of cultural tourism.

In recent years, the Northern capital is experiencing an unprecedented economic boom. Government programs to attract investment and business support brought the city into first place among regions with the lowest integral investment risk. According to statistics, the city, forgetting about the unemployment rate for the year grow by several thousand industrial enterprises and small businesses. Businesses and organization metropolis actively entice working-age population from other regions. And as a result – for students and graduates opened a decent job market. For St. Petersburg, with hundreds of high schools and nearly a thousand schools the issue of youth employment suddenly ceased to be a problem. "Rejuvenated" fast-food restaurants, courier services, trading, IT-sphere. As a consequence, young professionals and families were able to achieve financial independence, until the independent solution of the current housing problem today. Of course, the apartments in the historical heart of the city will always remain a luxury, but economic growth and rising Welfare Petersburgers revived construction, expanded the quality and range of proposals put to work the laws of competition on the consumer. According to official statistics over the past year in St. Petersburg was built more than 2,6 million square meters of housing. Residential areas in residential areas and green spaces, equipped with modern communications and have the entire infrastructure – kindergartens, schools, shops, parking lots and playgrounds – a very attractive price, especially when it comes to houses under construction. And the construction of such facilities is continuing actively. Do residents have time as the booming cities to rest, or all the time and effort spent on business? This provide an answer themselves Petersburgers, filling the evening with trendy clubs, cinemas, gyms, parks and squares. By the way, day in these parks are more and more young mothers with prams. That does not say, but financial incentives Maternity in St Petersburg really motivates women seriously address the demographic problem. Peter in the eyes of his contemporaries into a metropolis, where you can build your future.