Aug 30

Black Hole

Arriving at increasing temperatures close to zero Kelvin, infinitely closer to it. And every particle of what we know will spread around the entire empty space to cessation of the existing force, leaving only inertia, each piece of matter separated by a growing distance. An infinite universe and dark density zero, an irremediable void. But it would be a totally dark …, a universe illuminated by remnant light. Rays of light illuminating fixed length areas of space travel time, leaving dark back on the march, with only one obstacle: the infinite. But while we can imagine a final, which also is not final (rather continuity infinite), returning to the uniqueness of the principle, one must ask several things, like "Where arise? What was the ignition, if any, which led to the expansion? We know that space-time is flexible and can be broken down to make room for strange phenomena.

And for me, the answer to these questions are in black holes, more specifically, in the Schwarzschild wormholes. That is, our expanded field as we know, could be a result of these, or more. We know that an immense amount of matter concentrated in a very small, deformed space-time, according to general relativity, thus forming what is known as Black Hole. Returning to our more reason to accept an infinite universe and the Big Bang, the origin of this "fireball" would be the result of a black hole of a "parallel universe" located elsewhere in the real universe. In other words, maybe our portion of the material universe is isolated from other possible material portions similar to ours.