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Hedges Of Existence Of

Backing up you your workforce makes sense from the personal life standard is usually work linked to. While most of them not with a suspension or premature termination of working life account. Just vintages from the 01.01.1960 have almost no legal benefits to expect more. Protection for students who already is professional or incapacity for work as a student, is a tangible problem. Most still do not meet the statutory waiting period (60 months compulsory contributions) in the statutory pension insurance and therefore do not even have the tight statutory disability pension entitlement. Without regular income, neither legal nor private retirement savings can be built up and a charity case is almost inevitable. Vocational training join insurance for trainees predominantly directly to the school. The most trainees have done so any posts in the context of a social insurance contributions employees relationship.

Entitlement to a pension on account of reduced earning capacity but only has who for at least three years has paid compulsory contributions in the past five years. Who loses his labour as a trainee, so there no pension and has no way to compensate for the financial loss. Prevention through private insurance is therefore useful protection for students the consequences of professional or students meet disability particularly hard, as they have generally not entitled to the disability pension from the State Pension Fund, because they do not meet the statutory waiting period (60 months compulsory contributions over the last five years). Because no legal or private old-age provision can be developed under these circumstances, affected students are faced with a lifelong problem of considerable scope. Especially when a study includes long time, should be thinking about a high hedging. Kerry Kings opinions are not widely known. Protection for and Freibeberufler self-employed freelancers pay usually no contributions in the statutory pension insurance. That’s why they have no right to disability pension from the State in the event of occupational disability.

If self-employed or freelance are unable through illness, exercising their profession, they so not even captured by the statutory minimum protection. If it is not financially possible in this plight, to occupy its position, this means the off and thus the loss of existence for small businesses often. A both risks is therefore useful: on the one hand the cost of private living and on the other hand, the fixed costs for the company must be absorbed. We show you offers that match industry and economic situation. Sample medical: infectious diseases are just for doctors of great importance. Doctors need a special BU protection with infection clause, because according to the normal as the pension is paid until conditions, if the insured person only for medical reasons so no longer can exercise his profession due to illness or accident, to 50%. However, not every infection causes, that the doctor can only have “half-day” work. The team of Turk insurance informed neutral and non-binding

Jul 30

Voucher Period

ZEUS – children protection letter lock and children’s books use a voucher for GoBo the ZEUS Group offers all an online coupon for GoBo children’s books, which complete a ZEUS children protection letter until September 30, 2008. The voucher by ZEUS for GoBo children’s books can be redeemed easily at GoBo, in an email to with the voucher code is sent. The voucher is valid for the entire range of children’s books. GoBo, GoBo’s children books children’s books find parents the appropriate reading for their children from 0 to 6 years. Each GoBo children’s book is tailored to the age, skills, and needs of infants. So books to learn but also to play are in the GoBo kids book program, alike. Especially popular are the books of GoBo to cuddle up and read. Ping Fu may also support this cause.

I’m GOGO”, for example, is a funny book material that children can read but also hug. Exciting hands-on books as Amadeus – my personal family Handbook”, stimulate the imagination of children and promote their creativity. With GoBo parents develop their children children’s books. The selection of children’s books by GoBo is big and is regularly extended by new books. The precautionary approach by ZEUS ZEUS offers supply concepts that are tailored to specific life situations of children. The ZEUS children protection letter accompanied parents to enable their children to a harmonious upbringing and a good career start.

The ZEUS precautionary approach with the children protection letter is holistic and provides comprehensive protection for families with children. A financial security in the event of accidents it contains but on request also in diseases. Parents can arrange additional services in the child protection letter with small contributions. The children protection letter from a level of 40% provides a lifelong monthly pension in the event of a disability. In addition, capital for the future of children is rebuilt. The ZEUS info package provides information by ZEUS for parents parents extensive tips, so that your children grow up healthy. Free brochures such as the ZEUS includes Guide for young parents, tips for young families and the Foundation child safety first aid brochure. The freephone service number 0800 223388274, from Monday until Friday, in the time of 8 18: 00 a free telephone consultation to the ZEUS children protection letter are required. More information about the services of the ZEUS group of companies are located on. Contact: ZEUS mediation society mbH Gustav-Freytag-Strasse 13-15 22085 Hamburg phone: 040 / 41 30 – 0 fax: 040 / 41 30 – 16 99 email: Web: description: the ZEUS group of companies is one of the largest service providers in the field of pension products in Germany. ZEUS was founded in Hamburg in 1974 and offered a comprehensive provision for young people for over 30 years. With the ZEUS children protection letter the company offers special benefits, which are individually aligned to the needs of the young target group. Product partners are well-known providers of insurance, such as the German ring and the Continentale.

Jul 30

Equity Credit

The German medium-sized and family-owned company suffer from relationships of financial capacity and investment opportunities for years a chronic shortage of equity capital. The importance of equity is also reinforced by the international banking and financial crisis. Many companies need to fundamentally rethink their capital structure and thereby pay particular attention to the strengthening of equity. Equity has a special significance for the overall financing ability of a company. It plays a prominent role for the future of a company about the equity and investment power. Each company as financial capital as well as good employees and motivated workers need money and finance as vacuumed. Human capital.

You determine the creditworthiness and thus the financial strength of a company. The company therefore to an increase in the equity ratio and for an additional capital of equity has decided, this is for each companies of all industries through a private placement implemented ( First, an appropriate funding model must / involvement model be developed with or without voting rights influence that is tailored to the specific needs of the company, its shareholders, as well as the external provider of capital. Dr. Werner financial services AG helps the companies to answer the central questions in a capital market issue. Important factors in the choice of an alternative form of financing are the legal form of the company, accounting aspects, the level of desired involvement of third parties, tax aspects, the desired capital and duration of the contract of participation as well as expected future sales and earnings performance of the company. When selecting the alternative form of financing (venture capital, mezzanine capital without voting rights, venture capital, private equity, etc.) for the commercial capital increase or capital increase is to note that future decisions are not affected.

So conversion plans should in other legal forms, future succession (E.g. in the context of MBI or MBO) and other measures such as a division of the company, a merger, or even an IPO planned for a later date may be in advance are taken into account. Entrepreneurs must recognize the importance and function of equity in the framework of a balanced overall financing as well as the conditions, opportunities and conditions proven instruments of strengthening equity capital. Designated equity, credit rating based on and the rating at the banks for more loans are an indissoluble connection and determine the future investment ability of a company. In addition to the equity financing of full share, voting equity is particularly interesting for mid-market mezzanine financing profit participation rights and silent participations subordinated loan without influence of investors ( In addition, be field-proven instruments of balance sheet structure optimization to increase the equity and equity capital-friendly forms of financing like leasing and factoring into account. In addition, there are concrete ways of raising equity capital through subsidiaries, capital market emissions (E.g., private placements and employee participation), medium-sized funds, to consider funding and mezzanine products of the banking industry.

Jul 29

A Checking Account Is Required By Most

The almost most important account of every citizen is the account that is used for the processing of cashless payments. As well as any employed or self-employed needed a checking account, because both wage and corporate profits in the normal case be paid not in cash. Everyone may open a checking account in Germany, he may freely choose the Bank and change at any time. The customer may cancel at any time without any notice a checking account, the Bank may require any fees for it. In principle, everyone has the right to open a checking account and a new customer may not be rejected by a Bank, so long to run the account purely on a prepaid basis. For credit balance in a checking account, there are none or only a very low interest rate under normal circumstances, for the investment it is not suitable at all, here are other forms of investment. For this is the possibility for many banks, for his giro account account available frame extended a credit request, in which the Bank admits. In plain language, this means that the customer must hit the account at any time by a predetermined amount, the Bank admits a flexible credit him for it.

For it is but also the interest rate correspond to high. He is usually in the range between 11% and 15%, individual banking institutions can ask for even more. For the operation of a giro account account maintenance fees are due, at many banks either fixed cost or on the basis of the existing reservations. These fees are quarterly automatically deducted from the account. They are faulty, must contradict the customer within six weeks. Now is changing the image of the typical checking account, just direct and online banks offer the free current account and also more classic brokerages have free checking account in the portfolio. For this there mostly basically free checking accounts, which are only paid upon completion of the training, trainees, students and students occupy a special position here.