Feb 02

Spiders Wandering

The family of stray paukovNa in the world today there are approximately three hundred and fifty various species of spiders of the family strolling. Great immigrants can call these spiders, because they are without any difficulties travel long distances and settles in the new territories. Spiders do not live in any dwelling and for this reason do not build a trap there. Are not indifferent to these creations of God's waters and places around them, and they did Never mind that for the reservoir in front of them. These spiders are everywhere, and these fans have water in small sizes.

Bright and very interesting spider may be considered limbic hunter who belongs to the same family stray. Dimensions of these spiders can reach up to two and a half inches, although this does not apply to males, which are generally smaller than females. White flat, edging with a spider adorns the back of it, and the prevailing tint in color Color Class spider is brown-olive palette. Used by spiders as a shelter for all, what nature has generously endowed the ground – the grass is very suitable for this purpose and these spiders are very well used and not zealous about additional cultivation shelters. Submitted the form of arachnids are subject to both land and river, and no wonder that he can hunt and there, there! Prislavuty spider eats everything, but only from the discharge , course. If easy to coast will beat, and fry can eat. Small spiders come out of eggs, which is female, putting them in the thick with dense grass, and until they grow up, do not get stronger, the female does not depart from them, as soon as possible to protect their offspring. Funnier than most, and even more interesting, of course, engage in direct study of wandering spiders.

Just do not tear myself away from them at a time when they ripen and mature. Feeling at some point a man in the prime of life, the male is determined lady, which is then necessarily giving a gift, making it clear that he set up a more than serious. Gift spider produces itself and is named fly. We do not often feed sweetly spider flies and therefore such gifts they have very even like and taking them, the female, thus, gives the male response, agreed. The process of mating occurs at the same time, the female eats gift, but the meal, of course, starts a little earlier. Spiders often resort to various tricks and give your sweetheart something vaguely akin to a fly (stone or stump) – too much, it turns out, we must force attached to a fly catch. Of course, the female may suspect nothing, and the pairing will happen, but if you suddenly deception revealed, the spider is better to disappear without a trace! Depending on the type to which this or that spider You can say that the pairing is also different, but basically all roughly the same place. Exactly the same happens spilling of semen in the male semyapriemnik females, which is located at the ladies on the abdomen and is it in several stages. When you look at spiders, almost immediately notice that they know exactly what to do this or that movement, though some have a reason and consistency of their behavior – another proof.