Jun 01

Church People

The plague, according to author, it presents a positive point that is the return of solidarity between the people. In literature and the art macabro if installs, as reflected of the moment of extreme suffering for which the people pass. In year 1000, marked for ' ' fire of Antonio&#039 Saint; ' , the epidemic of the evil of the burning hot ones, epidemics were a constant, mainly in virtue of the sanitary problem of the time. In this point, the author, as already he had made in other points, also when comparing the shock of the plague with the AIDS, makes relation with current Africa, as remembering in them the world where we live and that to the times we forget. ' ' violncia' ' , very expensive subject to all living we in the great cities, is the subject of the room chapter. The brutality is a mark of the daily one of the medieval time, in literature, the sports (matches), in the presence of the knights and the military mercenaries (' ' the agents of demnio' ' ), in the collective rapes for the associations of youngsters in the urban area, that is, in all the aspects of the life of the medieval man; however, according to author, less violent of what currently. Some factors are presented as limitations for this violence: the persistent and constant campaign of the Church; the function Dos Reis as mantenedores of the peace and justice; the solid structure of the society, with its characteristic to agglutinate the people; the exemplary punishment for the practised crimes. Although to argue little as these factors they would act in the gift, the author brings in them for the reflection what he would be lacking at our time so that we reduced the violence in the society. ' ' other world fear ' ' , in the medieval man, it is characterized for the fear of the final judgment, of the punishment that would happen and of the sufferings and sufferings in the hell, for all the eternity.

Jan 02

Portuguese Pupils

It exerted some positions amongst the one of Teacher of Portuguese, Religion, Philosophy, Sociology, Didactics in cities of Petrolina and Parnamirim, were also Educational, Orienting Supervisor Pedagogical and Managing of School. It exerted the position of Assessor Technique in the Secretariat of Education in Lauro de Freitas-BA and today she is Secretary of Education and Culture for the second time in Parnamirim/PE. The Municipal Education of Parnamirim possesss an education system that functions with the following modalities; Maternal, Garden I and II and Alfabetizao; beyond Basic Ensino I and II, constituted of Regular Ensino of 1 to 8 series and the Programs of Suplncia de Educao de Jovens and adults, being that, of the 51 schools kept for the Municipal City hall, 3 are in the headquarters and 48 in the Agricultural Zone. The municipal schools of the headquarters are: 1) Municipal school Antonio de Carvalho, who functions of 2 to 8 series of Basic Ensino, with 1.149 pupils (It educates census 2009); 2) School House of the child Orlane Sampaio Lustosa, who functions as center of infantile socialization, with 453 pupils, e; 3) Educational center Parnamirim Centenarian, idealized for the coordinating Maria of Lourdes Dantas Oak, with 325 pupils of Infantile Education. In extracted data of the Vestibule of the Municipal City hall of Parnamirim, currently, they are distributed by sectors, being that each sector counts on a supervisor who has under its responsibility a definite number of schools and folloies the work of these. It enters the schools of the Agricultural Zone, where the average of pupils for group is of 45 pupils, totalizing 1,472 pupils, have the biggest school and of more prominence, School Jose Angelim Branches, located in the Matias Town, taking care of average of 719 pupils, of the Daily pay-school until 8 series, with significant number of professors. Of the sector they are in number of 15 and they are under the supervision of the Edna teacher Alves: 1 – Gumercindo school.