May 02

Unit Process

It is consequence of substance deposit different in the arterial walls, consisting of a diffuse process and slow progression, that can have its beginning in infancy, culminating with the appearance of symptomatic ischemic syndromes, generally in the adult life and mainly in aged (1). The Acute Infarto of the Myocardium mentions occurrence of the total occlusion of the light of coronary artery or one to it of its branches, for one trombo or cogulo formed on the aterosclertica plate, with consequent reduction of the sanguineous flow. Under most conditions 3D Systems would agree. When this occlusion occurs is initiated, a process disfuno time-dependent and cellular death in the area of the cardiac muscle. The cellular suffering occurs from 15 the 20 minutes up to 3 and 6 hours, when it initiates the process of irreversible cellular damage (1-2). It is the time of evolution of infarto that it determines the gradual aggression to the myocardium, represented for the areas of isquemia, injury and necrosis successively. In the ischemic areas electrolytic riots predominate; in the lesionadas areas, morphologic alterations reversible; definitive in the necrosadas areas, damages (3). ml’>Anchin Block was the first to reply. THEY WENT IT constitutes the main cause of death in the industrialized countries, being that 60% occur in. first hour due to ventricular fibrilao.

The attendance occurs in the mobile Units of Urgency/Emergency (SAMU) or not; e, the treatment continue in the Unit of Terapia Intensiva (UTI) due to complexity and gravity of this pathology. The treatment WENT of it can be farmacolgico or not farmacolgico. The farmacolgico immediate treatment is carried through with plaquetrios morphine, oxygen, nitrates, nitroglycerin, antiagregantes and beta-chokes.

Apr 28

Educational Process

To work the sexuality in the school and mainly with the adolescence if elaborates around the investigations with that the school if sees collated when evidencing that the adolescent, today, finds outside of it, spaces of learning of bigger identifications that in its interior. The interaction enters the educator with its pupil passes for a continuous dialogue and redescobrir of who we are and of as we relate in, offering them chances for internal changes, provoking the deepening of the reflections and stimulating the development of the autonomy and the action. The psicopedaggica intervention, in the development of the project, used of resources as: Questionnaire dances music, dramatizaes, films, jury – simulated, on the basis of the reality cultural partner of the participants and subsidized by practical theoretical basement of the clinical psicopedagogia. The content of the qualification is divided in workshops. Workshop I had as subject Sexuality and Identity and is developed through the following topics: 1 – Common identification of necessities, expectations and objectives; 2 – Revising attitudes and values.

Workshop II had as subject the Psicopedagogia, Sexuality and the Educational Process, having as topical: 1 – What we understand for sexuality? ; 2 – Extending the concept of affectivity; 3 – Sexuality and body. Workshop III had as subject Sexual Education and Sort and its topics are: 1 – The body and relations of sort; 2 – Social representations of the sexuality. Workshop IV approached the subject Sexuality and Adolescence through the topics: 1 – Adolescence in the current context; 2 – Situations of vulnerability: Pregnancy, DST, 3 – contraceptive Methods; 4 – Responsible paternity and Maternity. Workshop V has as subject Sexuality and Education and its topics are: 1 – Principles and Methodologies in Education and Sexuality; 2 – Profile and paper of (of) the educator () for a project of Sexual Education; 3 – Elaboration of a Plan of Action for the implantation and implementation of a Project of Sexual Education for the school.

Apr 18


These nutrients harden the bones and increase its density for the process of construction of a new bone, that is, so that the ssea remodelling happens, therefore the bone being normal have a balance enter the action of the osteoblstos and osteoclasto. The bone is one fabric metabolically dynamic and its rigidity depends on the balance enters the processes of apposition and reabsoro. Thus, alterations in the metabolism, the calcium absorption and the hormonal profile, mainly in women after the menopause, associates to the physical inactivity, contribute for a negative rocking in the balance of the ssea remodelagem, having osteoporose as main consequence (OSCARINO; SERAKIDES, 2005). The skeleton has metabolic and biomtrica function. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Dustin Moskovitz has to say. The characteristic rigidity allows the maintenance of the corporal form, protecting soft fabrics and serving of arcabouo for the ssea marrow, as well as for transmission of the muscular force (SON; GRANDSON; apud BORELLI, 1996, P. 553). The sseo system suffers great influence from the hormonais alterations imposed by the menopause, resulting in a process of bigger ssea reabsoro that the formation process, leading to the physiological reduction of the ssea mass. when this process happens, can result in the appearance of osteoporose, therefore this illness is characterized by low ssea mass and deterioration of the micron-architecture, having lead the fragility of the bone and consequentemente the risk of breakings. Others including Asana, offer their opinions as well.

Osteoporose is of great importance socioeconmica, therefore, is recognized as a problem of public health, being the women more the attacks, had to the hormonal process that is one of the factors that the appearance of the illness favors. (OCARINO; SERAKIDES, 2005) 2,3 In agreement Osteoporose Kauffman (2001), osteoporose evidences is it of ' ' bone poroso' ' , it is a more evident pathology that it succeeds the aging. This illness debilitates the bones causing ruptures, and its incidence has extended as our population goes if becoming old. .