Jul 24


“Fast casual” means healthy and quickly enjoy who quickly want to eat lunch, should however be sure that the meal is healthy: dairy products, fruit, vegetables, salad, and whole grains provide the basis for the new, healthy “fast casual” – menu. Light and healthy quick meals carrot salad with raisins, nut bread, Apple fennel strips or chicory boats with mozzarella balls, rye, fruit whole wheat sandwich with cheese and vegetable sticks, fruit fruit bread with low-fat cottage cheese and fruit soup with Fetanocken, farmer’s bread, pears and some nuts butter milk with dried fruits and nuts tips for Office-eaters off the pasta leftovers from the night before can be with vegetables and a delicious salad for the next day prepare an insert. Season fruit, some nuts and buttermilk can be well alongside food and drink in hectic times. Nuts and dried fruit as emergency reserves provide a stable blood sugar and increase as the performance. Ensure despite stress for a short break outside in the fresh air.

Away from the table, PC briefly switch off ensures a better performance after the break. Tips for restaurant-eaters who chooses the buffet, determines itself. Choose a generous vegetable or salad portion and complement your plate with starch products from whole grains and a side dish. Choose high-fat components such as French fries, breaded cutlets, fish sticks or sausage not daily, but as a change of pace. When the dessert: sweet is not prohibited. Obstdesserts are the rule, give yourself the other moderate.

Tips for sandwich-eaters give you the whole wheat bread the priority. Fill your sandwich with lean meats, cheese or cottage cheese. Raw food fits to any sandwich. Combine lettuce, vegetable salads or vegetable sticks to the sandwich. Enjoy a seasonal fruit as a dessert. “Delicious”Fast casual”recipes, see the book: light for BBs Office” available at: Leichtes-f%C3%BCr%C2%B4s-B%C3%BCro-vorbereiten-ebook/dp/B00DOHYYG2 means Almost casual homemade easy Cook and eat healthy. Whether as a single or family, at home or on the road. In any season and any time of day. Balanced naturally and without unnecessary additives. Just uncomplicated. Enjoy “fast casual”.