Oct 26

Native Amazon

The native Amazon is considered long since as a citizen without rights, your life is not worth the same as the Lima, of the arequipeno, deceives them is, with palliatives, but is does nothing to lift them out of poverty, of the delays of the abandonment. The State must build on their communities, schools, hospitals, rural housing sets, carry drinking water, electric power, build pisicgranjas, training centres: carpentry, farming, agriculture, reforestation, veterinary, technical enfermria, put police, so that these towns without abandoning their land, their communities see progress and stop their protests, which are fair. If the Peruvian State continues becoming deaf, ignoring these communities, tries to sell them their land to oil companies, so they destroy them by exploiting petroleum, is will comply the prophecy of Manuel Gonzales Prada: tomorrow, when waves of proletarians who are released to ramming against the walls of the old society arise, predators and oppressors palparan that it came time of the decisive battle and without quarter. They appeal to their armies, but the soldiers counted the number of rebels; They cry to heaven, but their gods remain deaf and dumb. They then flee to fortify in castles and palaces, believing that any party shall come them some relief. To see that the aid does not reach and the swell of threatening heads boiled in the four points of the horizon, they look upon the faces and feeling mercy on themselves (which never felt anyone’s) repeated with horror: it is the flooding of the barbarians!