Jun 06

Quick Lane AquFit

The aquLaatzium Freizeit GmbH was founded in 2001 and is headquartered in Hannover Laatzen. Fitness and swimming in a new dimension experience aquFit new standards in the field of health and recreation in the city Laatzen milestone in the history of the leisure company Laatzen, April 19, 2011 – aquLaatzium success concept is with the extension. The opening day is now after 2 years of construction and training operation can be recorded with its approximately 1,600 members. On April 30, 2011 at 15: 00, Managing Director and owner Carsten Otte, Laatzens Mayor Thomas Prinz and Chairman Ernesto Nebot Pomar be aquFit release the doors to the new building. Versatile sports and fitness facilities in the new building, the new building offers versatile aquFit future innovations on two levels visitors and 1,600 existing members of the aquLaatziums. So, 3 new classrooms with spacious outdoor terrace can be found. There will be sports, such as indoor cycling, step aerobics and yoga classes in the traditional style offered.

The builders also laid special emphasis on the establishment of a fitness pool, which now represents the second larger water area of the plant next to the existing pool. A further focus will be in the future in the field of strength and endurance training. With the help of some 150 modern equipment of the latest generation in the fitness market, visitors on the training area with real-wood parquets can live out their sporting ambitions. Innovations in the sauna village round the conversion off in addition to the expansion aquFit grew the already existing village of sauna. So, visitors will find now 14 saunas and steam baths to relax. The new suuri sauna House with up to 70 seats and berths will offer special infusions of experience and serve as a place of communication for the sauna guests.

Swimming area grown outdoors in addition to the competition-grade 25Meter school sports and club swimming pool, offering for hobby float in the future will include also a solid back and Quick Lane in the aqualaatzium. The natural swimming lake with generous sleeping area is summer again for holiday fun on the water available. Currently the exterior in the Greens won’t be over. From the idea to the planning contract at the beginning was one only the idea to build fitness pool, which should satisfy the large demand for aquKursen. To train the weightless ease in the water caused crowded classes and little water surface related to available. The amortization of this basin should be implemented through the expansion of the gymnasium because here at only 300 qm training area with only a classroom shortages were visible. Finally the city Laatzen with the closure of the already bath chose grade competition lap pool in the aquLaatzium a 7 cars and the Scheduler with the expansion were aquFit busy.