Mar 28

CHP For Each Home

Produce energy and cost savings there are different types of CHP. The most internal combustion engines are powered by natural gas. This mini cogeneration plants used in the United States and Japan already thousands of times. From summer, these can be purchased in Germany. The principle of combined heat and power is used by many manufacturers – Vaillant, Viessmann, August Brotje, Remeha, OBOT, Badger. For Mehrfamilenhausern with high energy demand, there are these systems for several years. However, listings for single-family homes were missing so far.

The self-produced electricity homeowners themselves can consume or feed it into the net. A CHP with one kilowatt (kW) electrical power produced in the year 5500 kilowatt hours (kWh) of electricity. Homeowners should buy this amount of electricity at a cost of 20 cents/kWh for around 1100 euros at the power company. With a CHP, you can consume half of the power itself, and sell the rest to the power exchange. Thanks to the power-heat-coupling law of power over ten years will promoted with 5.11 cents / kWh. Since the current must not be bought one saves 2.05 cents per kilowatt hour. At the end of this constitutes good and like 500 to 600 euros per year in savings”, says Muller.

In relation to an old boiler save 30 percent energy costs with a gas heater with engine.” To cover the peak load to weddings, households need a boiler that is built for smaller CHP plants often already in the unit. But even the old boiler can be used in case of doubt. However, there are also negative factors. The purchase price of a mini-CHP is about 16,000 to 20,000 euros. A boiler would hit with maximum 10,000 euros. In addition, the maintenance costs are significantly higher. Consumer centres therefore recommend a thorough calculation of both systems. A block heat and power plant is worthwhile only if it was at least 4,500 hours in the year. It is also cheaper to consume the electricity itself. Yet the specialists agree: the classic oil or Gas heating systems are not replaced this safely.” However, it is a real step to produce its current itself. This one is independent and can save money in the future. However, you bought this freedom with a high investment. The cost should be calculated at least before buying a House.

Jun 04

New Workplace

Creating new workplace as well as CO2 reduction through there is wind and Sun, which will expand to energy uses the company Asset@Logistic AG as a high-return potential ecological projects In the South of Spain. The Asset@Logistic AG is the current challenges, to exploit the natural resources within the EU and is developer of wind and solar energy equipment for 10 years. Thus the Asset@Logistic AG makes a considerable contribution to Europe in times of climate change and is currently new impulses for more than 130 jobs in Lucainena de las Torres. New jobs with Asset@Logistic AG the Group Asset@Logistic Ltd. is 2008 the photovoltaic solar facility into operation with another 55 million euros in Lucainena de las Torres now significantly expand. The previous performance of more than 21.5 MW will be after commissioning of the expansion by the Asset@Logistic AG to 47 megawatts. For the latest information of the power grid operator Red Electrica de Espana”is the desired discharge capacity Andalusia already 2012 doubles be, what represents a further motivating factor of Asset@Logistic AG for the design and implementation of the project. The planned activities of the Asset@Logistic AG in southern Spain manages more than 130 new jobs and stimulates exemplary for the clean energy.

Drastic CO2 reduction through the projects of Asset@Logistic AG as project manager of Asset@Logistic AG in Spain sees Soledad Martinez in the project a meaningful extension by three additional photovoltaic projects and the resulting installation of more 170,000 polycrystalline silicon modules providing backed by more than 30,000 households with electricity. These Silicon modules built on about 40 hectares, which include the Asset@Logistic AG and offer a performance of another 26 megawatts for the region of southern Spain. Thus, the Asset@Logistic AG contributes significantly to reduce the carbon dioxide emissions. With the planned expansion of the Asset@Logistic AG in Lucainena de las Torres more than 150,000 remain of Earth’s atmosphere Tonnes of CO2 saved the year.