May 01

Pros Of Buying A Car In The U.S.

1. Cars are cheaper in the U.S. and this is an indisputable fact. Against the background of the disastrous rise of the euro against the dollar, the price difference from the U.S. car and a car from Europe is increasing with a geometric progression is not in favor of the latter. 2. When buying a car in the U.S. have more confidence in the reliability of this path, but there is no 100% guarantee.

3. Most cars that use in the United States are adapted to our 92 petrol – does not affect all cars. For By comparison, fresh cars in Europe because of stricter environmental regulations more prefer the AI 95. Again, does not affect all cars. 4. Car of America, as a rule, the richer is completed. Inside, virtually error-free You can find the climate control, automatic transmission, power accessories and a lot of different options. The only thing – the quality of plastic in the cabin of the United States leaves much to be desired.

5. Opportunity to buy a model or make of car, which has not been formally delivered or not delivered to our market. Let me explain with an example. Honda Civic in the back of the last generation coupe officially introduced only in the U.S. market (by the way there and done). The probability of finding the car on Our car markets are extremely low. 6. The queue to buy a new car – even if the desired car is officially presented in our showrooms, the queue to buy it can stretch more than a year. In addition to the large stir to contribute to this phenomenon may be a low volume of quotas for the supply of certain models in a specific country. The opposite situation may occur in the U.S. market, where the same car can be picked up straight from the salon.

Dec 25

Volkswagen Golf

The Volkswagen Golf is a car designed for five squares of adults two children, if it’s a seven-seater minivan. This model of cars began to be manufactured in 1974, and has become a reference in the world of motor with more than 227 million units sold. Volkswagen Golf already has four wheel drive, which gives you a strong advantage when it comes to acceleration. Golf is sold in family and three and five-door hatchback versions five doors (called Golf Variant in Europe) and Jetta Variant in America, although there are other related models that might be considered variants, like the Jetta, Golf Plus minivan and the Volkswagen Eos convertible. The golf course has different variants of cars. Since the first Golf I released in 1974, until the current Golf TDI have passed many versions of Golf, to go to refine a model that has become reference in the market of sales and renting of cars in Spain. The main advantages that include users who have had the luck to try golf is your bass consumption, as well as its design, stability, comfort inside etc is very difficult to talk about the technical characteristics of the Golf in general since there are a lot of variants, but for giving some strokes are cars with an engine that can reach in its petrol version up to 250 horsepower TSI version. The Golf brand has been awarded over the years with the car of the year in Europe, the 2009 World car, or best compact sports in 2005. Each reward obtained by different models of Golf.