Jul 14


Years ago, days before you were born, one morning, I woke up early, but it is very early, that day I returned to Trujillo, worked in the Oriental Nor forest, close to the border with Colombia, in Geosource, a French company petroleum Explorer and when the slider, that I was carrying, walked the mythical Corrientes River, tributary of the Amazon, I had been thinking in those 6 hours of tortuous journeyfull of dangers and unknown animals, until an oil well called trumpeters, I came thinking that name I will give you if it is a girl?, because if it was born child would indeed call is Miguel, in such year not we did you ultrasound to pregnant, that would put you another name – I thought – that indeed would be pillar, because I’m a fan of recognizing the great miracle of pregnancy and childbirth that the daughters should be called as the motheras a tribute alive and fair, good that thought, in those 6 long hours of travel, in this mighty river, full of Piranhas and huge trunks floating, with heart in hand, and rain up until around 4 in the afternoon, I arrived at the helipad of trumpeters, hence I boarded a helicopter that would take me 1 hour to the city of Iquitos, at that time advised by the Lions and Jaguars, the tinamous and apes, embraced by las brisas and la Selva rain, breathing the esoteric and mysterious air of the jungle is that I heard I don’t know where a voice which said. ponle Karin Karin del Pilar!, and again I heard those voices that so shouted in chorus then travel by plane from Iquitos to Lima, and then in Chincha yours from Lima to Trujillo at dawn on 15 October I arrived Av. Larco and told your mother Karin de el Pilar will be called!She smiled and accepted, at that time towards what I said and did, when Dr. Luis Fernandez Molinari, you took out of the pregnant uterus exclaimed little is woman!, ready said will be called the pillar KARIN! so I recommend the warlike atmosphere of the jungle, by something it will be and something was, time later I knew that Karin in a German derivative which means strong steel and so it was, life provided you several tests where you demostrarias that your name and go you that showed, the accident, the loss of our unforgettable Natalie del Pilar, your trip to Mexico from very tender, diseases of MOM and dad and so many tests where you have left indelible your force signature, your thrust, your faith, your perseverance that we are proud, do that father not feel proud of a daughter as well?, we are happy and proud of you, we have not ploughed in the desert, you’re the prototype of a good daughter that if touched us die today would die happy, but we will still live much more do not hesitate!