Otherwise then you have to do an extra hole in the drywall to temporarily take the end of the wire while you drill out the slot. Now let's look at the wall surface. Her course should be primed. If it is just bare concrete, then the usual good primer, but that is not naked. And like painted, but not with anything, and oil paint. A rare case of course, but it happens.

There are two ways to solve the problem. Time-consuming, but free or easy, but for the money. First – remove all paint, and primed with normal primer. Second – to deliver a special primer, without deleting anything. This method is much easier and faster, but the primer is more expensive. Specify a particular manufacturer will not, but in the title in any case there are words or "concrete-contact" or "betakontakt," so take any of them can not go wrong.

With this primer can not exactly drywall to a wall painted stick, you can even be primed her usual glass, and put it on tile, will hold perfectly still. To read more click here: P&G. Now, in fact, the process itself. Stir adhesive for drywall (as it is, Read the label), I'd add that if you use glue "Fugenfyuller", then do not breed too much, he is caught quickly enough it may happen that while a single sheet of drywall kleite, simply glue residue dry up. Mark and drilled holes in plaster sockets and switches. Clarify: for the holes in the drywall, use a different crown, it is quite suitable common in the tree.

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