Project Manager

Direction in which develops project management in your opinion? Dr. Christian Eisenschink: The number of projects will increase further. With the proliferation of project-oriented work a hierarchy, introduces so afraid, and in project management. This is unfortunate, in my opinion, as project management originally made a hierarchical break compared to the line work, who gave the staff of project self-sufficiency, personal responsibility and freedom. This development is thwarted by establishing fixed hierarchy in project management. This could be avoided, for example, if you use projects in the use of language not more inflationary, and would reduce the number of projects. So the positive developments that involves project management, settled store: staff participate in project management on the decisions of Company, they have relatively large open spaces, where they can be independently creative and thus also productive.

Project-oriented work can give much more freedom employees – depending on their educational level or maturity. This ultimately leads to a further liberalisation of society. Can do: They are certified laughter Yoga trainer and offer including laughter yoga courses for project managers. “Worldwide is the tenor here taught in more than 5,000 clubs the laughter is: we laugh not because we are happy we are happy because we laugh!” Project Manager make you happy? Dr. Christian Eisenschink: I would like to here the newly expressed concept of liberalization take up: laughter is a good of liberalisation, which has been educating the citizens. At the Church strongly influenced value system of the middle ages laugh was something negative. The economically growing bourgeoisie saw the future optimistically and smiled as the project manager must to its destination as well as the success of his project, believe and smiling exude this confidence. So he has a positive effect on his team and is a major boost with his cheerfulness. The laughing laughter Yoga is available to the pulse carrier it requires no external stimulus, a joke, for example.

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