Mar 28

CHP For Each Home

Produce energy and cost savings there are different types of CHP. The most internal combustion engines are powered by natural gas. This mini cogeneration plants used in the United States and Japan already thousands of times. From summer, these can be purchased in Germany. The principle of combined heat and power is used by many manufacturers – Vaillant, Viessmann, August Brotje, Remeha, OBOT, Badger. For Mehrfamilenhausern with high energy demand, there are these systems for several years. However, listings for single-family homes were missing so far.

The self-produced electricity homeowners themselves can consume or feed it into the net. A CHP with one kilowatt (kW) electrical power produced in the year 5500 kilowatt hours (kWh) of electricity. Homeowners should buy this amount of electricity at a cost of 20 cents/kWh for around 1100 euros at the power company. With a CHP, you can consume half of the power itself, and sell the rest to the power exchange. Thanks to the power-heat-coupling law of power over ten years will promoted with 5.11 cents / kWh. Since the current must not be bought one saves 2.05 cents per kilowatt hour. At the end of this constitutes good and like 500 to 600 euros per year in savings”, says Muller.

In relation to an old boiler save 30 percent energy costs with a gas heater with engine.” To cover the peak load to weddings, households need a boiler that is built for smaller CHP plants often already in the unit. But even the old boiler can be used in case of doubt. However, there are also negative factors. The purchase price of a mini-CHP is about 16,000 to 20,000 euros. A boiler would hit with maximum 10,000 euros. In addition, the maintenance costs are significantly higher. Consumer centres therefore recommend a thorough calculation of both systems. A block heat and power plant is worthwhile only if it was at least 4,500 hours in the year. It is also cheaper to consume the electricity itself. Yet the specialists agree: the classic oil or Gas heating systems are not replaced this safely.” However, it is a real step to produce its current itself. This one is independent and can save money in the future. However, you bought this freedom with a high investment. The cost should be calculated at least before buying a House.

Mar 19

Managing Director

This results in daily practice to an inefficient interaction. Numerous examples of commercially unsuccessful relocation of production to low-wage countries have shown how despite the use of modern production technologies ultimately the productivity-enhancing quality of human labour power determines success. And because not all processes can be completely technically reproduce, the relationship must be balanced, better technology and human. 6. too much technology and system orientation: The actual potential to improve productivity in the processes, but the previous strategies are dominated by a technical focus. By a consistent and largely consistent process orientation is missing, structural weaknesses with economic disadvantages arise because existing optimization opportunities can only be exploited. 7. in the administrative processes too much potential is lost: the MES systems of traditional expression pursue no claim on improvements in the area of production management in their basic understanding.

Such a distinction but no longer corresponds to the needs of companies, because significant influences on productivity may arise from the conditions. In this respect a holistic management concept like total must be included in addition productive management (TPM) in the strategy for the management of production. 8 business and production processes are isolated from each other: the production and business are in the reality often largely separate worlds, although in interdependencies stand. The MES systems are but by their missing process orientation, not in a position to support the always necessary integration of business and production processes with integrated planning and control data. Production management should be considered in basic issues new, if the existing efficiency potential should be used “, describes Werner Felten, Managing Director of the FELTEN group, the need for action. New strategic principles should be developed instead of lose themselves in isolated measures, ensuring a sustainable higher performance quality and efficiency with new methods such as production intelligence.

“About FELTEN group: the FELTEN group is an international operating software and consulting company, the solutions to optimise processes for all production areas and according to international quality standards of GMP and FDA (21CFR part 11) develops.” Clients include Beiersdorf, Boehringer Ingelheim, Symrise, Sensient, Texas instruments, etc. FELTEN pursues as First the holistic and process-oriented production intelligence approach. The company is present except in German-speaking Europe in the United Kingdom and France. Contact: meetBIZ & think tank GmbH Wilfried Heinrich Pastorat str. 6 50354 Hurth Tel. 022 33 / 61 17 – 72 fax. 022 33 / 61 17 – 71

Mar 13

Great Multinivel Leaders

If it asked to you As they are the Common Denominators that they have the People with more Success in Multinivel Marketing? As you would say to me? Next I enlist 8 of them: Sacrifice Everything Has a Price. The Leaders of the Industry have arrived at the high level, but they understood from a beginning that to arrive at the top required Sacrifice. Tenian that to decide that it was more important to concentrate itself in letting grow his business that to watch or to even go to play with its friendly. Commitment These Leaders arrived at the top because they committed themselves with the final mission, its goals and their dreams. They saw the Great Photography and were after it. They have themselves it jeopardize to a greater vision, something much more great that they themselves. Habits of work The Leaders of the industry have arrived there, because they were arranged to do what the failed ones did not do or do not estan arranged to do it.

One completes telephone call, responded the last email, wrote an article more, spoke with another person, etc. They estan arranged to push that the average further on. Personal development The Leaders are Leaders because they always work more on they themselves than on somebody more. They know the importance of improving continuously to themselves. To never let learn. They go to each event of qualification, call of conference, or convention, because they can learn something to give the extra advantage them. They never surrender The Multinivel Leaders never left. The majority of them was common people, but they had the characteristic never to stop.

Napolen Hill, said that the Winners Never Leave. And those that Never Leave Gain Discipline The Great Leaders arrived high because they were disciplined in the basic thing. They made more calling telephone, but conferences, more affiliations and have become qualified more than the average of the leaders. These are the Basic Points of the success in Multinivel. Failures The Great Leaders in Multinivel have arrived at top because they have failed more than nobody. Thus it is! You will listen to incredible histories of failure lead that them to the success. To Almost all the millionaires of history, he has taken them to a failure to the present success. It is very rare to find a millionaire who has not had the great history of failures. Finally, the characteristic that is part of all the 7 characteristics of success in networkmarketing: ACTION! It does not pass anything until simply it beams! There are no excuses. They leave of side all the fast solutions that are relaxing to them of their objectives and they are committed to take measures today. That other characteristics you find in the Great Leaders of Multinivel? It leaves your Commentaries.

May 07

Federal Cartel Office

Interim report of the Federal Cartel Office to the competitive situation at the fuel prices (Beiersdorf-Freudenberg) motorists in Germany pay for the lack of competition at gas stations with high fuel prices. Sector inquiry interim report concludes that fuels”, the Federal Cartel Office in Bonn. Because only a few oil companies controlled the market, would be in the “Course of time price-setting patterns made out, such as higher prices at the beginning of the season”, writes the Federal Cartel Office in a press release. Direct price fixing were not necessary, because the prices at the pumps for everyone clearly visible and only a few competitors for a price comparison would have to be observed. In its report of the competitive situation of the market for gasoline and diesel, the competition authorities explained that another concentration process must be prevented through stricter controls.

Because of the pronounced oligopolistic market structures it is necessary through a further process of concentration in the fuel sector a restrictive centralised merger control to stop. The Federal Cartel Office has drawn consequences from this even during the course of the previous sector inquiry and prohibits mergers in the filling station area or released only under incidental provisions.” (Source: Federal Cartel Office) Alternative energy producers who fully decouple from the oil market experienced significant growth. As for example the growing concentration in energy cooperatives shows, looking more and more medium-sized companies energy and forms of distribution, making it independent of the fluctuations in the world market. An example is the energy cooperative Freudenberg EC in Brandenburg, Germany. Here, the members are their own diesel producers. Will be four plants in Brandenburg and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern obtained high-quality diesel fuel from straw CEHATROL. CEHATROL, which is certified according to DIN EN 590 differs fundamentally from conventional biodiesel. CEHATROL can be used as well in block heat and power plants such as the refuelling of motor vehicles, and even conventional diesel can be mixed. Board Member Helmut Uhlig explains the benefits: for any company that needs more than 300 l diesel a year, a membership in the energy cooperative Freudenberg may want EC. In addition to the independence from fossil fuels, an unbeatable advantage is planning security at the price of fuel, because due to the statutory tax exemption a liter price is guaranteed for members of the cooperative until at least 2015, moving at about half of what the consumer already must pay at the gas stations.” More information about the energy cooperative of Freudenberg,

Apr 22


Sardinia and Sicily are two of the most sought-after destinations for holidays, especially during the summer season. Two very different islands interconnected by its location, morphology, history, culture, traditions, enogatronomia, and simultaneously very rich in suggestive and exciting places to visit, people to meet, flavours, fragrances and colours to discover and let yourself be fascinated. Surely two land unique in Italy, Royal treasures in the heart of the Mediterranean. These two territories are available to be enjoyed in many different ways depending on your tastes and needs. The idea of a single tourism, has in fact, been overtaken by a plural tourism. The type of tourism is different depending on different factors as the motivation of travelling, the moment in which you decide to travel, how many are people travelling, the destination, the type of accommodation. In this way we can speak of environmental tourism, coastal tourism, sports tourism, tourism Conference. If we focus on people travelling, you can talk of group tourism, individual or family tourism.

The family holiday is the most generalized idea. The choice of accommodation is the key element. The best way to organize a trip of this kind is to have the greatest number of services with contained costs. A villa or apartment for rent or the choice of an aparthotel are the best types of accommodation. In this regard, I want to highlight the strong points of the aparthotel. These are structures that combine the independence that guarantees a House with the comforts and services of a hotel.

The aparthotels are suitable accommodation for a holiday in Sicily or Sardinia in greater intimacy with your family and close to the most beautiful spa towns of both islands. An element that must not be neglected, that indicates the quality of the structure for a family, are services offered to children. The most complete flats have sites destined for animation, games and entertainment for children most. You can find many aparthotels in Sardinia and Sicily with all comforts for a holiday fun and relaxing. Accommodation of this type can be found in all provinces in both regions. The choice of places to visit is enormous. In Sardinia, for example, the area that extends from San Teodoro to Palau stands above all in terms of quantity and variety of structures. In Sicily, on the other hand, a place with abundant choice is North, from Trapani to Messina. All aparthotels offer apartments of different size and type (Studios, apartments of two or three rooms, suites). The services offered vary depending on the prestige of the structure and the target of the client to whom is addressed. There are economic, and at the same time pleasant, clean and functional, structures offering essentials, to more modern and costly structures that offer kitchens equipped with modern appliances, satellite TV, DVD player, air conditioning, ADSL, to name a few. You can also find structures that offer agreements with solarium, gyms, spas. Original author and source of the article.

Mar 15

Handling Financial Crisis

Get advice, find experts. It is likely that you don’t have all the knowledge, if you intend to do it all alone, your chances will be very limited, perhaps does not reach him the time, vision or preparation, or might need expert help. Remember that your ego is not always proportional to their knowledge. I have heard many entrepreneurs say, nobody knows more of this business that I, and others who supposedly do not equate them however exceed them easily. Don’t look for any help, identify what you need and look for those who know it to do better than others, that will give you a significant competitive advantage, which perhaps it is of great importance to advance.

As usually after a crisis you will have limited availability of resources may be tempted to choose taking into account the price before any more important value proposition, however consider that nothing there is more expensive than pay cheap for something that doesn’t, nor anything cheaper than paying expensive for something that gives an excellent result. To analyze a proposal not consider only the labour fees, try to identify costs annexed many of which may not be visible easily, time to deploy more long will produce minor results at the end, little warranty can imply irrecoverable losses, little experience will need much trial and much error, a few minor monthly fees can help your cash flow, but may affect earnings for more time. Some examples are, ask the experts do you see comparative advantages with their competitors, they will give you many lights thereon. Do try to find experts who know the subject but who do not intend to do in your company the exact copy of what are their competitors, if no difference why shall customers prefer it, if they are already served by someone so thought it would be the reason to change? Afford to keep their own identity assimilated best practices available and enough technology to be competitive, but also dimension your business and its real possibilities to plan investment that it will be carried. Make sure that expert contracted is not the seller of the technology you are going to deploy, for the their problems are sales opportunities disguised in many cases solutions, the it will try to fit your needs on one of its products, rarely you will design a product adapted to your needs and with real possibilities for growth other than those he sees as opportunities for loyaltyi.e. dependency in the future. Don’t forget that if the expert is employed by another it shall pursue the objectives of another and the sale will get their best results.

Jan 26

Expansion Franchise

Manage franchise, weekly manages Radio program devoted entirely to the world of the franchise, was in its 25th edition with the presence of two managers, representatives of two leading franchises in their respective sectors. On the one hand, Mercedes Cano, master franchisee for Spain Ordning & Reda, a Swedish brand of stationery of high range, with more than 3 decades in the market and half a hundred stores in the world. And, for another, Javier Pelayo, responsible for Expasion of Tommy Mel s signature of American restoration in premises with the typical atmosphere of the 1950s. Journalists Jose Ramon Inguanzo and Jaime R. Parrondo ceded microphones to these two directors so they could explain their business concept, the current situation of their flags and the market or their expectations for the future.

During the first few minutes of the broadcast were given prominence listeners, resolving the doubts raised by them; and on this occasion the questions focused on the demarcated area to exploit your business in exclusive franchises tend to grant to its franchisees, without competition from the brand, and in external entrepreneurs available funding sources. Space program dedicated to review today of the main flags accommodate, among others, gave news as trials of Burger King to include on-site service in Spain, the investigation of Chinese antitrust authorities in the supply of Pizza Hut and KFC to acquire Little Sheep, starting up a service businerss by Pressto or the presentation of the concept of business of, on a discovery day in Madrid. Listen to program (can download the audio file by clicking the link with the right mouse button and choosing the option Save target). Manages Radio is a radio chain attached to the Group COPE, which emits a programming specialized in economic information since 2009. Currently, manages Radio have dial in Madrid (94.8 FM and FM 108.0), Valencia (100.7 FM), Seville (90.8 FM), Zaragoza (98.3 FM), Malaga (98.5 FM), Bilbao (107.9 FM), Valladolid (88.9 FM) in brief points of the dial in other provincial capitals are added. The program manages franchise is the first qualified franchises radio emitted by a large national chain in Spain. Led by two journalists with more than 15 years of experience in the sector, such as Jaime Bosqued and Jaime Parrondo, it can also be followed live by Internet (

Nov 18


If it is reading this article surely it is because there is been making some search in Internet. Internet is without a doubt the most complete and safe form to look for lodging, advice and suggestions besides commentaries of first known friendly hand and. In the network they are possible to be found all type of information on interest places, or are cultural, natural or of leisure. In addition, also they will find tourist reviews on restaurants, attractions and discotheques, as well as options and schedules of transport and all type of observations data and images. But mainly, to the so complete and accessible being, Internet it allows to help to anywhere choose the favorite destiny for vacations and the best and more advisable lodging of the world, including Morocco. Before beginning to plan its trip, they would have to think envelope what is what they wish. Morocco are a country extremely diverse and varied that offers all the types of possible vacations, from the luxurious and indulgent elegance of Marrakesh to the fascinating tradition and the espiritualidad of Fez, happening through the calm beach stations of Essaouira and Agadir, the animated and urban Casablanca, the impressive desert of the Sahara or innumerable mountainous mountain ranges.

Once they have decided what type of vacations wishes, must choose the most suitable destiny its vacations and to begin to make some search on the type of activities and the places of interest that each region or city offers. The options in each region are different and include escapes to the nature, trips of adventure, innumerable archaeological visits, impressive architecture, leisure and sports of all type, countless opportunities to go of purchases, Tours gastronomical, trips of cooperation, etc. When they are safe of which it is his destiny of vacations preferred, a good beginning for the lodging search is to visit pages Web that include reviews on riads and hotels and that offers excellent supplies in multitude of types of lodging by all the country. Web sites as excellent Espace-Maroc or Riad2000 offers riads and villas to incredible prices with advice and suggestions on places to visit, transport, restaurants, nocturnal life, etc. Another wonderful place where to look for information on his favourite destiny of vacations it is Facebook. In Facebook many groups exist where people speak on her experiences of trips and share advice exceeds what to visit, where to eat or to sleep and how to move. Also they will find information on cultural events, transport, customs and even labels and many places outside the tourist circuit.

They come to Morocco and they enjoy the fantastic opportunities for unforgettable vacations that the country offers them. My favorite city in Morocco is Marrakesh, mainly by its variety and its relaxed atmosphere. The Ocher City offers a fascinating culture and a tradition, monuments and innumerable tourist attractions, an excellent nocturnal life, a delicious gastronomy and countless opportunities to go of purchases. In addition, the hotels in Marrakesh are of great quality and very economic, mainly typical riads of Marrakesh, floods of enchantment and very reasonable. Also you can alojarte in a wonderful villa in Marrakesh, more near the field, where the landscapes are spectacular and the inhabitants will welcome to you with the open arms.

Sep 18

What To Do In Vinales?

Anyone planning a visit of pleasure or any other place you must know what are the meteorological and astronomical variables that can affect the enjoyment of travel, including performance of rainfall, temperature and sun position , the first two mainly for walks only with the purpose of observing, while the latter will influence the shoot. The experience of a local specialist will be helpful, especially in the last point. In Vinales you can be for several days and there is always something to do, both day and night, much as if it takes a car or not, even with the first-round option is provided. Here we present some proposals on how to spend your time more enjoyable. What to do during the day?.

You can go through the fields Vinales Valley on foot or horseback. You can see the different cultures of the area and learn to identify, in addition to his management techniques, always taking into account the month of the year. The visual fields from the agricultural point of view are not the same throughout the year, as crops are seasonal, still including the largest holding snuff (Nicotiana tabacum), dasheen (Xanthosoma saegitifolium), the sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas) and cassava (Manihot sculenta). They all have their time are planting, tending and harvesting defined for the year. Is also grows rice, vegetables and legumes. It is therefore recommended that if you want to visit the area with an interest in learning about any culture should consult their production cycle.

Aug 30

Black Hole

Arriving at increasing temperatures close to zero Kelvin, infinitely closer to it. And every particle of what we know will spread around the entire empty space to cessation of the existing force, leaving only inertia, each piece of matter separated by a growing distance. An infinite universe and dark density zero, an irremediable void. But it would be a totally dark …, a universe illuminated by remnant light. Rays of light illuminating fixed length areas of space travel time, leaving dark back on the march, with only one obstacle: the infinite. But while we can imagine a final, which also is not final (rather continuity infinite), returning to the uniqueness of the principle, one must ask several things, like "Where arise? What was the ignition, if any, which led to the expansion? We know that space-time is flexible and can be broken down to make room for strange phenomena.

And for me, the answer to these questions are in black holes, more specifically, in the Schwarzschild wormholes. That is, our expanded field as we know, could be a result of these, or more. We know that an immense amount of matter concentrated in a very small, deformed space-time, according to general relativity, thus forming what is known as Black Hole. Returning to our more reason to accept an infinite universe and the Big Bang, the origin of this "fireball" would be the result of a black hole of a "parallel universe" located elsewhere in the real universe. In other words, maybe our portion of the material universe is isolated from other possible material portions similar to ours.