On Jose

But let us come back to speak of our protagonist that I believe that my expensive reader (a) however will hate, however will love, however if it will feel sorry, however will twist for the failure, however Jose is a man of 37 years, father of 2 children, being oldest of 20 years, technician in electronics and if he formed with louvor in one appraised federal school of technology, gains a good wage, he has very pretty namorada and elegant, as we can see, oldest, he has the life that all we want, a spotless life and without he stains with the bond to have a woman envied for all. The youngest child, one menininha candy of approximately 14 years, keeps in itself the innocence that if does not see more in the adolescents, keeps to an affection and compassion for the father who the comovia, always had for the father a joke, a poetry, a smile.

The wife of Jose is the figure that I ask for that she gives more attention, if to want is clearly! Because this is a strong woman of character and always speaks in incisive way, its yes was yes, its was not a not extreme, inflexible and cruel one. Dressmaker of profession abandons the profession to also take care of of the son oldest and because she did not obtain to find nobody reliable that it took care of of the son, always was distrustful perhaps and rare it trusted the people, did not trust nor Jose, this we will see ahead. This is the family Hisses, this is the family of Jose, this is its cerne of existence. On Jose, I say that he is a man of 37 years, as said above He is shy, never liked to talk in the sobriety state, but it adored a colloquy since that there our protagonist was drunk yes if she metamorphose in an excellent orator, counted to anecdotes, estrias of its youth, estrias with prostitutes, but when he was not drunk he was been silent as a rat who runs away from a cat, prevented colloquies, prevented social contacts, was absent in parties of the family, parties in its church (he is catholic) not to be the party of Expedito Saint, saint that is devoted and that it keeps to an affection and enormous affection.

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