New Workplace

Creating new workplace as well as CO2 reduction through there is wind and Sun, which will expand to energy uses the company Asset@Logistic AG as a high-return potential ecological projects In the South of Spain. The Asset@Logistic AG is the current challenges, to exploit the natural resources within the EU and is developer of wind and solar energy equipment for 10 years. Thus the Asset@Logistic AG makes a considerable contribution to Europe in times of climate change and is currently new impulses for more than 130 jobs in Lucainena de las Torres. New jobs with Asset@Logistic AG the Group Asset@Logistic Ltd. is 2008 the photovoltaic solar facility into operation with another 55 million euros in Lucainena de las Torres now significantly expand. The previous performance of more than 21.5 MW will be after commissioning of the expansion by the Asset@Logistic AG to 47 megawatts. For the latest information of the power grid operator Red Electrica de Espana”is the desired discharge capacity Andalusia already 2012 doubles be, what represents a further motivating factor of Asset@Logistic AG for the design and implementation of the project. The planned activities of the Asset@Logistic AG in southern Spain manages more than 130 new jobs and stimulates exemplary for the clean energy.

Drastic CO2 reduction through the projects of Asset@Logistic AG as project manager of Asset@Logistic AG in Spain sees Soledad Martinez in the project a meaningful extension by three additional photovoltaic projects and the resulting installation of more 170,000 polycrystalline silicon modules providing backed by more than 30,000 households with electricity. These Silicon modules built on about 40 hectares, which include the Asset@Logistic AG and offer a performance of another 26 megawatts for the region of southern Spain. Thus, the Asset@Logistic AG contributes significantly to reduce the carbon dioxide emissions. With the planned expansion of the Asset@Logistic AG in Lucainena de las Torres more than 150,000 remain of Earth’s atmosphere Tonnes of CO2 saved the year.

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