Neighborhood Old

Due to its location midway between Europe and Asia, Istanbul is a city very rich artistic and cultural level with an immensity of own traits that arise from the juncture of diverse forms of life. His past as Constantinople, one of the most important cities of the Byzantine Empire, becomes a usual destination for lovers of history and cultural tourism. When we walk through the ancient streets we have the feeling of estara viajajando in time, in times of war, artistic development and religions with strong roots in society. In this article I’ll focus mainly on the barrio antiguo, which include the well-known Church of Santa Sofia and the remains of the old neighborhood, or also called Sultanahmet, which gave much pride to the present city of Istanbul. Here we find the aforementioned Topkapi Palace, which turn out to be one of the most popular attractions of the city and that can only be performed via guided trips. It worked here the seat of Government until 1855 and lived hundreds of officials and women who were part of the harem.

The Church of Santa Sofia, which today has been converted into a Museum, stands out for its amazing dome and ceilings engraved with verses from the Koran. It is dedicated to the third person of the Trinity and is one of the most representative works of Byzantine art. The architects Antemio de Tralles and Isidoro de Mileto were those who built one of most important works, not only architecture, but also of art in general, with details included in columns, ceilings, Windows and in almost every corner of the building.

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