National Assembly

Some serious and responsible refuse to in the Brion de Chacaito square are set the plate that says: here is buried the second great wave student. It was with buttocks in the air. The great paradox is a country where nothing happens and, at the same time, everything happens. Nothing happens because the regime is a specialist in petroleum jelly. Do not pass anything because there is no resistance, because the so-called opposition is banal, electoral, accomplice, stupid and Procuress.

The LOE was harmless? The new Electoral law irrelevant? Are the militias not the official establishment of internal violent repression? The list could fill entire pages. II line of abstention in solitude is meaningless. If it were here decided not to participate in the legislative elections it would be as a result of a kick to the polling station and would imply the decision not to go to the presidential elections of 2012. The approach to change this line would have to be preceded by profound changes in the electoral system, the conviction that there would be powerful factors willing to do recognize the result or the belief that it would be the final puntillazo to the regime. We already have the precedent of legislative passes where the delegitimization of a National Assembly was obtained without that nobody passes the invoice, while came spurting candidates proclaimed presidential candidates and ruin the effect, which concluded with the candidacy of Manuel Rosales.

The electioneering line in solitude is meaningless. Goes to elections by banal arguments, like that of the need to take advantage of all the spaces, that it is necessary to have a parliamentary quota, all under absolute oblivion of resistance to the dictatorship that leaves no day Virgin in jorungar the rights of Venezuelans. Go to elections by going to elections, without exerting any resistance, without fighting the regime, is a clear demonstration of Collaborationism.

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