Mexico Society

We can talk to any American citizen on nanoscience and its advances and I might have some knowledge or idea regarding the issue, however in emerging countries like the case of Mexico, the subject not is well-known for society, so it would be very difficult to have a conversation with respect to nanotechnology. It is one of the disadvantages that could have a country that does not have the sufficient use of nanotechnology in society, since you can take different points of view on the subject, to consider reaching the nanotechnology as something that could affect society, and consequently his rejection by the same. Countries such as Mexico and Brazil maintain a level significant nanotechnology research and development, however the level of investment is very low. On the other hand, in other countries it has come to consider that nanotechnology could be implemented for military purposes, to be used on battlefields, or even in nuclear technology. In terms of the position currently taken by society towards innovation nanotechnology is very varied. Is that in Mexico there would not be a position against or causing any social disturbance, due to the lack of knowledge that you have on the topic within the society.

However we can say that there are people with high knowledge in Sciences, and may result in some cases situations against depending on what it is giving to nanotechnology. However, is considered to have a breakthrough in nanotechnology and its applications in the country, Mexico could experience some increase in the level of life of the society in the current economic situation of the country. There are many opinions by society, however many of them are not sustainable. Mexico should join the development of nanotechnology to one higher level, since the latter considered you will have a great importance in the future. Different consequences might arise upon Mexico not invest more on the topic, however has shown not a breakthrough in the development.

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