GooOS, Google’s operating system.

Google keeps getting closer to providing a complete operating system (if not already doing so already) with its suite of desktop services and office and business, in addition to the launch of Android, the platform for developing applications for cell phones and gPC (GooglePC) as a result of union with Ubuntu Linux. All this is a sign of how much Google is entering into our computers, far beyond the browser. Are persistent rumors that Google might be working on developing a new operating system in the form of a giant computer that everyone could take account. Google might be working on developing an operating system on a giant monstrous cluster in which the world could anyone have account. > While major software developers continue to work on individual applications, Google could be building a massive platform for web-scale programming. The first version of this gigantic virtual computer have before it the world’s most powerful search engine, a service of social engineering, another online shopping comparison star and as its revolutionary e-mail service. However as time passes the system would improve in speed and functionality and to prevent Google from having to worry about Microsoft or Yahoo, because who needs Windows when anyone in the world could beunlimited access to the world’s most powerful computer. Using Gnome and Linux as a starting point Google could design a desktop that works through the Internet and store documents locally.

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