Future Kia Picanto

It was playing at the Kia Picanto a renewal, and it seems that this will occur within a few months at the next Geneva Motor Show 2011. His update will be deep enough, and although at the moment the data are quite scarce, are worth as evidence the following sketches that anticipate the new design that will look the urbanite Korean. This second generation Kia Picanto 2012 will launch in Europe in the second half of the next 2011, and its design suit the latest trends seen in Kia, adopting common brand image and taking a step forward in quality. The first generation of the model, still on sale, was a relative success for Kia, fulfilling the expectations of those who sought a simple, cheap and vehicle intended to get around the city but without having to give up a more or less pleasant design and certain comforts, offered at their highest finishes. That Yes, due to his seniority to barely fit in the current range of the Korean manufacturer. And is that the leap from quality of Kia in the majority of models launched in recent years has been very large, making that most veteran brand vehicles seem older than really are.

Use as an example the recent Kia Optima (not yet available in Europe) or Kia Sportage, and compared with previous generations. With the Kia Picanto probably pass much of the same thing, although we can not expect an urban premium, but a well done vehicle of reduced dimensions, with greater security and at popular prices, unpretentious too exorbitant. We do not know if it will be approved for four or five seats, or what will bring under the arm or which engines to be mounted, but the logical thing would be an evolution of the current 1.0 and 1.1 liters of petrol, adapted in search of a reduction in the consumption. Neither Motors three-cylinder diesel engines cannot be excluded, therefore. Its design has been done by the European division of Kia in Frankfurt under the baton of Peter Schreyer, and guess similarities (especially in its front) with the compact MPV Kia come.

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