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These “children guardian angel” are there for the children, inspire their creativity and imagination, distract them from the disease, give strength, confidence and courage to face life, wake, humor and hope, give security and animate this important physical processes, which has been proven to support becoming healthy. Our goal is to support the whole family in the difficult time of hospitalization and then even to care. Jacqueline Boy was honored in January 2013 with the Medal of merit of the order of merit of the Federal Republic of Germany. Web site: excerpt: Prologue: A serious illness in the family means a great burden which can go to the physical and psychological limits, especially if a child is affected. It can change the life of a whole family in one fell swoop and often very persistent. In this book children and young people who have received a new heart transplants, children report that is due to a severe disease are in the hospital about their daily lives. But also parents and siblings of seriously ill children who are confronted every day with the fates and tasks, report it. The celebrity children guardian angel ambassadors in their personal stories portray poignant destinies of children, they encountered, and which have closed them in her heart. All involved small and great authors in this book write very personal stories; Stories that touch, give pleasure and stimulate thinking. We all want to show the reader with this book, how precious health is a really precious gift we take too much for granted. Stories are for living and compassion, they should encourage affected to fight, but especially they should we all give hope, hope for life!

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