Federal Cartel Office

Interim report of the Federal Cartel Office to the competitive situation at the fuel prices (Beiersdorf-Freudenberg) motorists in Germany pay for the lack of competition at gas stations with high fuel prices. Sector inquiry interim report concludes that fuels”, the Federal Cartel Office in Bonn. Because only a few oil companies controlled the market, would be in the “Course of time price-setting patterns made out, such as higher prices at the beginning of the season”, writes the Federal Cartel Office in a press release. Direct price fixing were not necessary, because the prices at the pumps for everyone clearly visible and only a few competitors for a price comparison would have to be observed. In its report of the competitive situation of the market for gasoline and diesel, the competition authorities explained that another concentration process must be prevented through stricter controls.

Because of the pronounced oligopolistic market structures it is necessary through a further process of concentration in the fuel sector a restrictive centralised merger control to stop. The Federal Cartel Office has drawn consequences from this even during the course of the previous sector inquiry and prohibits mergers in the filling station area or released only under incidental provisions.” (Source: Federal Cartel Office) Alternative energy producers who fully decouple from the oil market experienced significant growth. As for example the growing concentration in energy cooperatives shows, looking more and more medium-sized companies energy and forms of distribution, making it independent of the fluctuations in the world market. An example is the energy cooperative Freudenberg EC in Brandenburg, Germany. Here, the members are their own diesel producers. Will be four plants in Brandenburg and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern obtained high-quality diesel fuel from straw CEHATROL. CEHATROL, which is certified according to DIN EN 590 differs fundamentally from conventional biodiesel. CEHATROL can be used as well in block heat and power plants such as the refuelling of motor vehicles, and even conventional diesel can be mixed. Board Member Helmut Uhlig explains the benefits: for any company that needs more than 300 l diesel a year, a membership in the energy cooperative Freudenberg may want EC. In addition to the independence from fossil fuels, an unbeatable advantage is planning security at the price of fuel, because due to the statutory tax exemption a liter price is guaranteed for members of the cooperative until at least 2015, moving at about half of what the consumer already must pay at the gas stations.” More information about the energy cooperative of Freudenberg,

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