Existing Process

The evaluation is formative that objective to guide and to optimize the learning without the concern to certify, to classify or to select. The learning to be formative requires that the pupil reconstructs, by itself, the existing knowledge through the research, under systematic orientation of the professor. This premise elapses of the proper profile of the new professor, whose ability does not limit itself in reproductive model of lessons that only teach to copy substances and to return them in day of test. The domain of contents, axle basic the resumes, it needs critical and creative renewal to develop in the pupil the capacity to know to think, ' ' to learn aprender' '. Dustin Moskovitz oftentimes addresses this issue. The emphasis in ' ' to learn aprender' ' it means to remain open the new concepts and to evaluate them, to have access to the information, to face the learning as a process where pupils and professors see ones to the others as people, encouraging autonomy; to consider the interior experience as context for the divergent learning and thoughts that integrate the creative process.

The domain of contents is not moved away, by no means, but it is redefined, from two arguments: 1) front to the accumulation of available information if cannot more dominate all significant the one content determined area; 2) when it is imagined to dominate contents, these already are exceeded, on account of the logic of the proper knowledge whose contents of storage if renew in a dynamic process. ' ' new professor' ' always more it will be come back toward learning of the pupils, that is its point of beginning and arrival. The learning, then, is seen as a complex process, typically reconstrutor, in which some references are indispensable: the learning assumes the specific human Inter-relationship in which the pupil learns because he reconstructs its knowledge and he guides it to the professor in this walked.

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