Energy Politics

This demonstrates that the plan of emergency implanted for Petrobra’s is very efficient against any emergency, however will be that for exploration of the layer daily pay-salt, this plan will be enough? It is what we will argue below. 2.A Daily pay-Salt Layer Before analyzing the possible ambient impacts that could be generated by the exploration of the layer daily pay-salt, is necessary understands it better. Located in great depths, this layer of oil, if finds under oceanic waters below of a thick layer of salt. In the 2007 end, it was found an extensive reserve of oil and natural gas in this layer, in a band that if extends for 800km between the Espirito Santo and Santa Catarina. Not yet concrete numbers exist on how much oil really it exists in the region. These found reserves of oil in the Brazilian coast are inside of the maritime area considered exclusive economic zone of Brazil and are reserves with considered oil of average the high quality, according to scale API. The exploration of this layer requires great technology and investment, so that if it obtains to explore this wealth with the minimum impact for the way environment. Petrobra’s affirms already to possess technology enough to extract the oil of the daily pay-salt.

The objective of the company is to mainly develop new technologies that make possible greater yield, in the areas deepest. In September of 2008, Petrobra’s started to explore oil in reduced amount. This initial exploration occurs in the Field of Jubarte (Basin De Campos), through the P-34 platform. To manage this wealth, the Brazilian government intends to create new a state one that is being called provisorily Petrosal. This new company would not be destined to the direct exploration of the oil, but mainly to the administration of the mega-fields and the act of contract of petroliferous companies to explore them in partnership with the Petrobra’s, defined jointly with the National Advice of Energy Politics (CNPE).

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