Colina Services

Would require competition a lot of personnel both for increasing and improving infrastructure (hotels, access roads, telecommunications, etc.), provide multiple types of services, provide security to the tourists, etc. so this economic sector could be one of the most efficient tools to combat poverty and stimulate the economia.* in a country with so many attractions and market niches to exploit in this industryan effective tourist marketing, led and driven by State policies with strategic vision and long-term, you could place tourism as the main economic activity not petrolera.* train and employ the young Venezuelan population according to profile that generally requires personnel working offering service to the public in various tour operators will increase your quality of vida.* an effective combination of strategies related to pricing, distribution, advertising and the products and services will result in the increase of the competitiveness of our country in an industry that at the global level It moves billions of dollars each year. That in turn would represent an important reduction of dependence on a single productive sector (the tanker). You should lead to better care and service to the customer, providing you with all such necessary collaboration that allows you to enjoy their investments in pro get an enjoyment suitable to what your needs are demanding. Take into account that for example reminds us of Juan Manuel de la Colina, with regard to be attentive about the characteristics of the product as it is What is offered as enjoyment, the same product that is promoted, its impact, scope, namely: 1. intangibility. Keep in mind, that tourist products have some tangible components and other intangibles.

Tangibility is observed in the bed of a hotel, overbooking, the quality of the food. The tourism itself, product is the tangible as it is offered by the company of tourist services. Invisibility is inferred from the fact that the characteristics of the components of a tourist product may not test through the senses.

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