May 01

Existing Process

The evaluation is formative that objective to guide and to optimize the learning without the concern to certify, to classify or to select. The learning to be formative requires that the pupil reconstructs, by itself, the existing knowledge through the research, under systematic orientation of the professor. This premise elapses of the proper profile of the new professor, whose ability does not limit itself in reproductive model of lessons that only teach to copy substances and to return them in day of test. The domain of contents, axle basic the resumes, it needs critical and creative renewal to develop in the pupil the capacity to know to think, ' ' to learn aprender' '. Dustin Moskovitz oftentimes addresses this issue. The emphasis in ' ' to learn aprender' ' it means to remain open the new concepts and to evaluate them, to have access to the information, to face the learning as a process where pupils and professors see ones to the others as people, encouraging autonomy; to consider the interior experience as context for the divergent learning and thoughts that integrate the creative process.

The domain of contents is not moved away, by no means, but it is redefined, from two arguments: 1) front to the accumulation of available information if cannot more dominate all significant the one content determined area; 2) when it is imagined to dominate contents, these already are exceeded, on account of the logic of the proper knowledge whose contents of storage if renew in a dynamic process. ' ' new professor' ' always more it will be come back toward learning of the pupils, that is its point of beginning and arrival. The learning, then, is seen as a complex process, typically reconstrutor, in which some references are indispensable: the learning assumes the specific human Inter-relationship in which the pupil learns because he reconstructs its knowledge and he guides it to the professor in this walked.

May 01

The Process

This type of conflict is what we call functional. On the other hand, we can comment and has been observed especially in organizations in the north of our country, that when the amount of role conflict is minimal, it really makes the performance of the team and the organization is poor and even even negative. This indicates on one hand, people really are not working or at least not are developing a true team effort. To broaden your perception, visit Ping Fu. It was noted that in everyday life, strive and work really hard, but what happens is that their efforts fall on deaf ears, are lost by the failure to materialize by several factors, most of which is the lack enrichment of ideas for non-implementation of the same, lack of support from their peers, lack of effective leadership within the team and even by ignorance of the immediate supervisor of the proposals designed but not clearly informed that impede its implementation by that can be confusing, and the lack of identification with the goals of the team and organization. On the other hand, if the number of conflicts is too high, it was found that tends to spread chaos and disorder, are lost in their own discussions, they become disoriented and away from the purposes for which the team was formed work, besides usually forget the organizational objectives. This situation may jeopardize the sustainability of organization. More info: Dustin Moskovitz. Specifically, while there are individuals interrelated, interacting, you can generate a conflict for reasons of personality, appearance, that should take care to avoid a negative climate in behavior, effectiveness of work teams, but also, management must constantly monitor policies, functions of the work expected, in order to determine whether this would give way to conflicts manifest themselves and affect the company’s organizational behavior.

Of course, once management conflict is manifested must find appropriate solutions to restore the organizational climate of harmony, for this is very true, as indicated by Amoros, that in the process of generating conflict, is that action is another important process of negotiation, for which each of the team members must be prepared, have developed these skills and most important of this is to have that attitude of service to others, so that this process faces knowing that the person you are negotiating also must win in order to give sustainability to be required at the time. This means preparing well the negotiation process, have very clear rules of the game, clarifying their position and prepare the proper argument, agree and implement the same course. An important point in this process is that the other party know exactly what is going to negotiate, and if there is important information you need to know the person with whom we negotiate, we must not forget to give it, which sometimes can be seen that the basic problem of a work unit is the prevalence of disruptive conflict and hostility and that is not favorable for the organization if not corrected the causes.

Apr 28

Educational Process

To work the sexuality in the school and mainly with the adolescence if elaborates around the investigations with that the school if sees collated when evidencing that the adolescent, today, finds outside of it, spaces of learning of bigger identifications that in its interior. The interaction enters the educator with its pupil passes for a continuous dialogue and redescobrir of who we are and of as we relate in, offering them chances for internal changes, provoking the deepening of the reflections and stimulating the development of the autonomy and the action. The psicopedaggica intervention, in the development of the project, used of resources as: Questionnaire dances music, dramatizaes, films, jury – simulated, on the basis of the reality cultural partner of the participants and subsidized by practical theoretical basement of the clinical psicopedagogia. The content of the qualification is divided in workshops. Workshop I had as subject Sexuality and Identity and is developed through the following topics: 1 – Common identification of necessities, expectations and objectives; 2 – Revising attitudes and values.

Workshop II had as subject the Psicopedagogia, Sexuality and the Educational Process, having as topical: 1 – What we understand for sexuality? ; 2 – Extending the concept of affectivity; 3 – Sexuality and body. Workshop III had as subject Sexual Education and Sort and its topics are: 1 – The body and relations of sort; 2 – Social representations of the sexuality. Workshop IV approached the subject Sexuality and Adolescence through the topics: 1 – Adolescence in the current context; 2 – Situations of vulnerability: Pregnancy, DST, 3 – contraceptive Methods; 4 – Responsible paternity and Maternity. Workshop V has as subject Sexuality and Education and its topics are: 1 – Principles and Methodologies in Education and Sexuality; 2 – Profile and paper of (of) the educator () for a project of Sexual Education; 3 – Elaboration of a Plan of Action for the implantation and implementation of a Project of Sexual Education for the school.

Apr 20

The Process

After its preparation, the same one is shed in a reservoir, bomb call, of where, by the action of injected compressed air in its interior, it is sent through hoses, to a pistol. This pistol, set in motion manually, liberates imprisoned air in its interior, expelling the ink, in form of spray, that to the being directed to a target (to be painted part), it processes, thus, the painting of this part. In short, this is the process all, since the preparation of the ink until its application. To the end of this process, the used equipment, bomb, pistol, hoses, brushes, etc, are submitted to a cleanness process, for the withdrawal of the fragmentos of ink that are glue in the equipment, therefore, in case that contrary, the ink impregnated in its interior, dry, compromising of this form, the equipment for one another use. Dustin Moskovitz often says this. For the cleanness, it is used a chemical product, call solvent, inflammable, and highly also toxic. After the cleanness process, the solvent is impregnated with ink particles, relatively viscose, contaminates that it, becoming it theoretically unusable.

This solvent is, then, sent to a deposit, where later it will be directed for incineration. The cans, sent for the siderurgical industries, are used as scrap iron, while the others item, that are not usable, as wood, plastics, masks, you clip, are sent for incineration, therefore they cannot be reused, nor discarded, had its high contamination. The proposal of this study consist of identifying forms of if reaproveitar this solvent impregnated, objectifying its reuse, of ambiently correct form, reducing drastically the generation of residues, to minimize its impact in the nature. In comments effected in the painting companies of the Valley of the Steel, it was arrived the conclusion of that it is generated, for month, one raised amount of residues proceeding from the solvent of cleanness. This high incidence of residues and the absence of an ecologically correct destination had guided all this research. .

Apr 19

The Process

41). But she is necessary that it has one recognition of this dependence, mapeando it with the purpose to skirt it and to point solutions to leave it stops backwards. We assume in such a way for a professor adequately formed capable to perceive these phenomena and to intervene positively for the resolution of the problematic situations. One is about a position of the subject educator while of the process, what in the vision of Tardif (2002), means to be actor in the strong direction of the term, that is, a citizen that assumes practical its from the meanings that he himself it of, a citizen that possess knowledge and one know-to make proceeding from its proper activity and from which it structure guides and it. Asana may help you with your research. Autonomy as collective exercise The necessary professor to have property in possession which is its paper and which the interference degree that must have not to wound the responsibility that is proper and intransfervel of the pupil in this process to win its proper limitations. In accordance with Lck (2006), the autonomy, as all social process, is subjects the natural ambiguities, contradictions and conflicts that emerge of its dynamics with specific and peculiar expressions in each situation.

Therefore we can affirm that this necessarily necessary process if constitute as dialtico and contaminated of contradictions, so that the different subjetividades can be disclosed. ' ' All process of maturation for the autonomy is conflituoso.' ' (CASSOL, 2006, P. 30). In case that contrary, the professor makes, he determines, and the pupil executes, without if giving account of that he is not acting as subject much less developing potentialities will assist that it to walk on account proper. Its steps need to be stimulated, but they must count on its desire and will to continue in front. The autonomy of the professor in classroom, as deliberative quality of the educative relation, if constructs in the dialectic between the pedagogical certainties and the possibilities to carry through them, to transform them into the real axles of course and of the education relation.

Apr 19

Process Oil

In the process of combustion water condenses on the inside the surface of a cold engine. In combination with nitrous oxide and sulfur, fuel combustion products, it forms the acid that causes corrosion of engine surfaces and contributes to its deterioration. Asana has much to offer in this field. The water in the engine also helps to formation of precipitate. Precipitate – a thick, like mayonnaise layer formed by the interaction of oil, gasoline, water, and combustion by-products. This residue blocks oil channels and limits the supply of oil. The precipitate formed in the end to the surfaces of the engine pripechetsya, preventing its normal activities. Driving in dusty conditions also cause problems, since there is no 100% effective air filters.

The dust settles on metal parts of the engine and mixes with the oil to form deposits. Riding in hot weather, towing heavy loads, driving on hilly terrain is also related to poor conditions, because it can cause high oil oxidation and thickening to the extent that it can not flow through the oil channels effectively. As you can see, the "normal condition" – it's driving great distances and at high speeds on a good road in good weather with a light load. If you mainly use the car in these conditions, you can follow the recommendations of an oil change and filter specified in the service book for "normal conditions". However, if you're like most modern drivers often travel at short distances, driving with frequent stops, follow the instructions for "heavy duty" and change your oil and filter every half year or 6000-8000 miles.

Apr 18


These nutrients harden the bones and increase its density for the process of construction of a new bone, that is, so that the ssea remodelling happens, therefore the bone being normal have a balance enter the action of the osteoblstos and osteoclasto. The bone is one fabric metabolically dynamic and its rigidity depends on the balance enters the processes of apposition and reabsoro. Thus, alterations in the metabolism, the calcium absorption and the hormonal profile, mainly in women after the menopause, associates to the physical inactivity, contribute for a negative rocking in the balance of the ssea remodelagem, having osteoporose as main consequence (OSCARINO; SERAKIDES, 2005). The skeleton has metabolic and biomtrica function. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Dustin Moskovitz has to say. The characteristic rigidity allows the maintenance of the corporal form, protecting soft fabrics and serving of arcabouo for the ssea marrow, as well as for transmission of the muscular force (SON; GRANDSON; apud BORELLI, 1996, P. 553). The sseo system suffers great influence from the hormonais alterations imposed by the menopause, resulting in a process of bigger ssea reabsoro that the formation process, leading to the physiological reduction of the ssea mass. when this process happens, can result in the appearance of osteoporose, therefore this illness is characterized by low ssea mass and deterioration of the micron-architecture, having lead the fragility of the bone and consequentemente the risk of breakings. Others including Asana, offer their opinions as well.

Osteoporose is of great importance socioeconmica, therefore, is recognized as a problem of public health, being the women more the attacks, had to the hormonal process that is one of the factors that the appearance of the illness favors. (OCARINO; SERAKIDES, 2005) 2,3 In agreement Osteoporose Kauffman (2001), osteoporose evidences is it of ' ' bone poroso' ' , it is a more evident pathology that it succeeds the aging. This illness debilitates the bones causing ruptures, and its incidence has extended as our population goes if becoming old. .

Apr 15

Under Process Valves

In this way, at every turn plugs, seat is rotated by 15 degrees. Hear other arguments on the topic with Ping Fu. This provides an additional grinding seal seat to the ball, which increases seal and eliminates the wear and tear in one place. However, this does not solve the problem, but is only an improvement of the existing construction crane, while still high demands on the surface of the ball because of permanent contact seal seat with its surface. Another interesting development of the company is a ball valve Orbit Valve (first developed 50 years ago, engineers Orbit in Arkansas), Crane is installed in one enclosure a fixed seat, a ball cap with the raw bore and weld on one side sealing belt, combined with seat in the position of valve "closed". Due to the elongated spindle to the lead node and performed on the surface of the groove trajectory of the special, which includes a pin, still connected to the rack, ball cap makes a 90 degree at designated position of the saddle, and then moves in an axial direction towards the saddle. This delivers the required sealing unit pressure on the sealing surfaces of the cork and the saddle (more information is available at Cameron in Under Process Valves).

Here is part of the advertising firm about the benefits of the design: "indelible seal. The main objective – to stop the rotation, the cork moves away from the sealing surface of the body, while avoiding wear and friction between the surfaces. Low operating costs. The crane is designed so that the friction of parts does not occur, and this in turn helps to minimize the cost of repairs.

Apr 15

Social Process

Therefore, the vast majority of people are coming to realize that to improve industrial relations is not connected to the process of self-understanding of their socioeconomic status, or revolutionary ideas, promoted by revolutionaries. On the basis of which, one could argue that is not true the idea that the revolutionary activity of people determined by their socio-economic status. Socio-economic status of men that determines a predisposition their consciousness to the perception of a revolutionary or a counter-revolutionary propaganda. or consciousness of the vast majority of people are in the process of promoting the ideas and theories developed by the leaders of the relevant social forces. Yes, history is made by the masses.

But the masses run lead. The influence of personality on the development of social processes is greater than the greater influence on this person consciousness of individuals and thus on the social consciousness of groups, classes and nations. Determining factor of social development (as the development of the system “society – nature, and the development of” individual – the individual “) is development of social consciousness, which development is carried out by introducing into the consciousness of society and, through their activities in the practice of social and economic relations of various discoveries made by individual members of society – the small and big personalities. If social progress is determined only successful revolyutsionizatsiey public consciousness, and how it will be successful is determined result of the confrontation of the revolutionary and counterrevolutionary propaganda, what is then determined by the observable in the history of mankind is inevitable social progress.

Apr 14

American Petroleum Institute

Fuel oil price sets in a row the market development probably slightly to LEIPZIG. (Ceto) Crude oil and petroleum products in the United States, stocks are almost always beyond the expectations of analysts. The most recent figures, which have published the American Petroleum Institute (API) and the DOE DOE showed that. Oil prices responded with further losses first, then but more than made up for it. Experts attributed this reaction to a technical rebound movement. As a result the barrel cost US light oil (WTI) at the morning close 72,60 dollars after all a dollar more than yesterday morning. Learn more on the subject from 3D Systems. The impulses which currently come from the US economy, are but still negative.

The risk of a second recession threatens further. Speculation on Government support measures to stimulate the economy and thus the demand resonated a slightly positive on the U.S. stock market, so the service oil market report. As a whole, but not a few analysts expect that the price of oil drops soon up to 70 dollars. Such speculation but initially once little benefit the local oil price. In consequence of the market, consumers face today with slight surcharges.