Bear Mountain

In one of the Crimean legends says that the leader of the pack bear froze when he decided to drink the Black Sea, to apprehend fleeing fugitives on the boat. Another legend claims that the huge bear was sent to the south evil lord to intimidate and subdue his subjects. But the bear, saw a flourishing valley, could not bring himself to destroy this paradise land. He decided to stay here and wanting to quench your thirst after a long journey, leaned toward the sea. Enraged, Mr. Spell said, and Bear petrified. And in fact, and in another case, it is a form of mountains, really looks like a giant bear, which lay down to rest on the sea. But this legend.

What geological origin of the Ayu-Dag? How is it different from the Kara-Dag? In geology there are two types of igneous rocks. First – effusive, ie, in the form of effusive lava. This is the Kara-Dag. Izlivshis, this volcano froze vertical battlements, recalling now, on the trope Voloshin, "collapsed Gothic cathedral." Another matter of Ayu-Dag, or Bear Mountain. Its shape is typical for intrusions – geological bodies formed in result of the introduction and solidification of molten magma into sedimentary rocks of the crust. For a time it was thought that Ayudag and similar Crimean intrusions (Castel, Shurha, Uraga) composed of diorites.

Now been established that Bear Mountain is composed of gabbro-diabase. After processing, the gabbro-diabase looks very impressive, and many historical monuments and monumental art in the Crimea are made of this stone. in height Ayudag low – 565 m above Sea, but its area is impressive: 5,4 square meters. km. On top and on the slopes of mountains, densely wooded forest of deciduous trees (ash, hornbeam, maple, downy oak, mountain ash, turpentine, or kevovoe tree), the remains medieval defensive, religious and residential buildings.

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