Amazon Resource

It’s kill or be killed for oil, to continue living; and, as I told you, nobody asks permission to live, much less if it’s an empire, of a system established powers and submissions, powered by the fuel call of the devil. Is not difficult to barruntar which, if in addition to the oil are posesionan (a huge Amazon Resource), here there is enough fuel to extend life as crazed Empire. It is the war, therefore no remaining doubts. There is no other way of confrontation, unfortunately for the dreamers. It is Empire or not is, and this implies a vital match in all being. No one removes the fuel to a life without war and, even, on the assumption that petroleum is today ended suddenly, the United States hardly realized meekly so that others occupy their annihilated hegemonies.

Then will have fallen in a structural break economico-ideologico (as already begins to have signs of this with the capitalist decadence), giving way to what remains of both fight for spaces and their resources from past centuries: the weapons, the war, until the world assume their new order. And nuclear weapons, to be exact, entering already, with all semantics, the complete Nuclear was. (The wars in the world are inevitable, because they constitute the space and time of a critical, social realignment, Economic and ideological). See Northern concern as well: in 1970 the United States produced from their own harvest more than 10 million barrels a day; today is barely 5. They have reserves in the order of 16 billion, and it consumes annually 7.3 billion, i.e. two approximate years of subsistence. Daily swallow 19 million barrels and, as I told you, produces 5! Wow, anyone is scared and pertrecha, knowing that a devastating OGRE is known with poor life expectancy, subtracting nomas as the survival argument his own condition of OGRE equipped with weapons! There is no syllogistic problem (already it is a common place, as I said) in imagine that, pure life, eager to needy of porvenir, tipping towards us, flooded regionally as we are oil and with an insondada Amanzonia.

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