Alfredo Jamisse

I remembered myself that it did not have plate money. I was the drawer to take the card of the bank to be able to raise the money. It swims. Already I started to be nervous of truth. I verified if the code pin of my card still existed. It swims. It swims.

nothing. I started to cry alone in the room. First the fact of my namorada one cried to be hospitalized, second, because I already did not have money. The young woman took the card and the respective code pin. She did not have to lamuriar me to reason in that instant and that place.

I started to hate that room. In the previous week my namorada one finished to be assaulted and was in this imbrglio that was pulled out it its cellular one. I finished to buy this cellular one for it as present, therefore it was day of its anniversary. It is alone to see my bad luck. Already with nerves the flower of the skin I looked for the Alfredo Jamisse in the peripheries quarter and I did not find it. I was to the room and I started to cry of new. *** Passaram many days, but to surpass it did not obtain me. To conform it did not obtain me with the situation that had happened. He was one I afflict total that obtained to desestabilizar all my econmica and emotional situation. When my namorada one left the hospital did not believe. It called me so that I was to the house of its parents better to explain what he had happened. It still was very weakened, therefore as soon as she left the hospital she gave this judgment to me. I did not believe, was it. Finished well. The illness had eaten it all its mass. It counted at great length to me what it had happened with me and the friend of the Kiss-flower. I was very frightened when segredou it me as she would have obtained those information. I was with a little of fear per some instants. But I gained a little more than courage. I only it respect, but fear of it I do not have, therefore it knew already it has time sufficiently. The situation passed. Four years later I already almost was compromised to it. We decide that we would marry in them in November that propositadamente gutter with the days of our anniversaries. It makes in one day previous and I then one day later. He was all excellent one and to the minimum details well it was organized. For irony of the destination the friend of the Kiss-flower that never more I knew its name and that I was much enraged and constrangido time inside of me appeared me. She has an old one dictated that she says that the time is the solution of everything or the time leads obtains all the hurts?

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